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Helped deliver a trophy how? Portugal won the match today not Ronaldo. That's like giving credit to the water boy for keeping the team hydrated
1 year ago
I hope Halilovic stays put because coming back will limit him. He's a quick dynamic player that bursts forward and our formation and slow build up will not suit...
2 years ago
Speaking of gambau after pre season it was fairly clear that he is no way near Sampers level so what I don't understand is why he still doesn't get any recognit...
Barcelona goalkeeper Bravo got injured during training yesterday and won't be able to play against Atletico on Saturday. Your move ter Stegan. Time to shine
So Roberto loOKs to finally be finding his place what is left is the mystery of Bartra.
He should stay At celta. He's going to play second fiddle to MSN whicj is going to be no benefit to him
I don't think he's a fanboy. He was actually born in Barcelona
Sergi roberto was never a bad player. If you put him alongside iniesta, iniesta and rakitic of course people aren't going to think he's great. Roberto has been ...
I think the new policy is that the more talented they are the less they play­čśë
Hes very one dimensional though. That was his problem in Barcelona B he went from young player of the year to sitting on the bench because spanish defenders fig...
Gambau and camara are in the match squad for the game but Samper isn't? Honestly first thiago then bartra now samper.
Well looks like Pedro is now a Chelsea Fc player. What a shame
Neymar maybe but messi and ronaldos level? Yeah i don't think that's going to happen. People forget Messi and his game against Porto. He was still a teenager.
Lol ahh I guess you missed the match against Real Madrid where he ripped them apart whilst playing for Celta. But what do i know right you watch more games then...
You guys forget it was a call that could have resulted in a goal for them if not had it been for Bravo. While on their side the linesman called Pedro off when h...
Untalented? You must be joking. Did you watch him at Celta? Or do you just watch highlights?
After today i wondered whether Alves just improved or Rakitic is a bloody genius because alves honestly struggles without a good rcm.
Let's call sevilla and tell them to take Alves back as well? I still have faith in the players regardless
I think even that line up would have had trouble tonight. Bilbao were just fantastic absolutely got there tactics right and rightly so deserved to win
Um neymar and alba are injured lol
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