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Hold on to your panties gents because tomorrow Thomas the tank engine Vermalean will get to play.
12 hours ago
What happened to keeping the display pictures until the champions league final? ;-)
2 days ago
On twitter it said we would have to pay if we win 2 champions leagues in the next 5 years and he has to play.
1 week ago
Why do you think you guys are having so many injuries? Do you think it's maybe the boys are being pushed to hard or diet etc?
You would think they make a perfect trio but just look how geographically perfect the line is of Messi, Suarez and NeymarS birth places. https://mobile.twitter...
I can't believe your already doubting him. He won you the La Decima for god sakes that Mourinho couldn't even achieve. No team is even close to 10. Give Ancelot...
Sad as it may even tap ins require skill. Right place right time if it were that easy everyone would become a poacher but it's not. Have to give credit where is...
This is the champions league not the little league Pedmar. There's no walk in the park games
I didn't realize you were familiar with yousif 4ever. He is very critical and harsh at times but with a public site is hard to avoid.
Acting like a child you are 4ever. There's many ways to respond but calling someone an idiot doesn't help rather a nice response would be better.
I didn't realize that when someone doesnt have the same opinion as you they automatically become "idiots".
Spreading like wildfire. Get on it cules.
2 weeks ago
Messiesta updated their profile
How hard can it be for someone to understand that Ronaldo raised his hands after bale scored. Now the only thing we don't know is why..he could have been like "...
2 months ago
I think its the language barrier? having someone he has played with that can speak English i think modric is able to guide Bale.
Au revoir Chelsea. From paris with love
A suggestion is not concrete it is merely an to instigate discussion. Now people seem to forget our great Puyol was also a RB before CB and had some people actu...
6 months ago
I doubt many defenders would have done any better at that point.
What do you guys think about Marc Bartra playing as a RB? Montoya and Douglas seem to be doing nothing to make ab entry into the squad and well Dani is not hims...
Messi, xavi, puyol, eto and Ronaldinho reunited again for porto 04 vs Barcelona 06 game.
10 months ago
Who cares what they do and who they buy. We have issues within our club to solve first and only then can we comment on others. (By problem I mean our egotistic...
1 year ago
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