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You sold your best player to Manchester United :P
17 hours ago
Good tactic but the only flaw is the away goal. Mou should have pushed for an away goal just incase A Madrid manage to get one at Stamford Bridge.
18 hours ago
Does it not click to Mou that IF Atletico Madrid score then Chelsea will need to score two goals? All is well playing a defensive game away but its also importa...
20 hours ago
I dont understand the point of this video, is he trying to take cheap shots at Alexis or praise him? Because I would really like for whoever puts him down to ge...
Wasn't Tata effectively trying to do that? To keep our possession but to tweak it such that we also counter. But being a foreign coach its not easy, I believe h...
3 days ago
Wrong post
MT lets be honest here, had we won the game no one would complain. The simple reason being thay we have lost is the only reason issues like this arises and peop...
4 days ago
Fact is this same tactic has failed us on all occasions against A Madrid and now in a cup final against Real Madrid. When your passing is as good as Xavis the r...
No no no the key to success is to sell Messi and buy Toni kroos so he can receive the cross after we have like 90% possession.
Not to forget the countless amounts of time we lost the ball by crossing all could have easily been a counter. This whole passing it wide and spreading the play...
At the point Xavi turned Cesc was wide open and no pass. The point is that the Xavi we know is known for his cutting passes so why when it's essential to get a ...
Alexis hasn't started any of the last 5 games that we have lost. Now I know that Tata prefers Cesc on the field but why leave out someone who is having his best...
"In January, I pictured one such long-term scenario, in which Martino’s verticalidad would help usher in a fresh, younger Barça, with a run-and-gun midfield,...
5 days ago
Xavi: "The game slipped away due to our own mistakes. We controlled the game, scored the equalizer and then they win after a little error." I'm sorry but I don...
6 days ago
Perfect, zubi sign that man right up. Honestly zubi actually might knowing his track record lol.
Okay Mr Downbuzz lol.
He still is a great fullback but being a world class player should they not be able to realise that any other world class CB that has the ability to read a game...
Maybe just maybe we should sign Toni Kroos. Why you ask? Well we cross hes name is Kroos, match made in heaven.
Neymar falls to quickly so therefore it allows the opposition to regroup quicker. Alexis and Pedro constantly make runs and make very smart passes so for me its...
Adriano over Alves any day, Pedro and Alexis over Neymar and Cesc. Sorry for the multiple posts friends just have to vent. Final one I promise ;) I love Messi ...
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