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Messi, xavi, puyol, eto and Ronaldinho reunited again for porto 04 vs Barcelona 06 game.
4 days ago
Who cares what they do and who they buy. We have issues within our club to solve first and only then can we comment on others. (By problem I mean our egotistic...
5 days ago
Great, we just bought a 30 year old left back for 20 million who we are going to use as CB.
6 days ago
Paying 42 million for a RW who we are going to play as RB. Zubi this ain't fifa.
1 week ago
If anything he is using that celebration as a joke to show that "he's here". You know since he was on loan and now he is getting his chance. A celebration is ha...
So in saying that would it be wise to say that Pedro would in fact be a smarter choice to play alongside Messi and Suarez MT? Also it makes me wonder why Alexis...
So looks like Messi will be playing behind Neymar and Suarez. MT was right but now that makes me wonder where the mids will fit in. Neymar Suarez Messi ? ...
Messi to Chelsea?
The same hierarchy that let Abidal go and the same hierarchy that signed Song as a make shift CB option. People that dont like Alexis dont know football. I am g...
2 weeks ago
And we are signing Edward Cullen..I mean Suarez. Guess he will be playing CB
Oh how I wish Zubi thought like MT. We just saw glimpses of his potential but at Barcelona he would always be limited. I'll be keeping a kern eye on Arsenal now...
Welcome to FC Barcelona bravo. He joins for the next 4 seasons.
1 month ago
Absolutely. From day one it has been crazy and it's so good to see teams like Costa Rica really thriving. But by far he biggest Argentina has done nothing but a...
Brazil vs Chile should be one hell of a match
What's with us selling players for so cheap and buying players for a fortune.
Some news media are reporting that Sanchez will be part of a deal to aquire Squrez. The deal is Alexis + 35 million. My two cents: get f**kd.
Sources keep saying Enrique wants him to stay so god knows lol
Think people forget that its Xavi. Enrique will havr to manage the situation well
Question is where will Rakitic play and how much of a role? Busi and iniesta will be a must in the line up and well I don't think Xavi will like being on the be...
Its the intention of harming that warranted the red. Should have just walked away
3 months ago
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9 months ago
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