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That's a bummer, but here is the light I want out of it: I hope Montoya gets some regular starting role. also I would really love to see Tello getting some play...
5 hours ago
Well said Maaza, it's not like we are only struggling against powerhouses, we are barely scrapping wins here and there against not so powerful teams, many times...
10 hours ago
Well, sometimes you never understand, why sit Montoyo who is so good and start Alves whose expiry date is well documented. Unreal.
1 day ago
If the board waits for a catastrophe to happen to implement changes then it is no wonder we are where we are now. I love hockey GMs, whenever a team wins the St...
Any news of Bartra, will he play tomorrow ?
You may be right, Cesc may need to sit a bit, definitely not play him as a false 9 never again. I also would like to see Montoya starts ahead of Dani. But in al...
The team will come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow, there is no point to prove if you keep losing, we can't afford more slippage, and no more excuses.
I frankly think they should still keep Tata, they just need to provide him with excellent players. @1909, we will gladly leave Klopp alone if you promise to ha...
3 days ago
As Hikmat mentioned, Barca fans are not questioning the intentions of the management board, they are questioning their abilities. Every one on the planet, wheth...
Pedro, where is the last touch ? unreal
5 days ago
I'll be rooting for Real, just play disciplined defense against Bayern, and good things will happen, I hope Modric can elevate his game a notch.
6 days ago
If you ever doubted Messi passion, just go back to see how he celebrated Villa's champions league Goal: This guy is pure football pass...
Thank you Franky, well summed up.If I may, also include genius Villa in the mix, he used to create havoc on opposing defensemen and create space for himself and...
First, there are still 2 trophies up for grab. Second, Tata is not to be faulted for the CL fiasco, he needs some fresh blood between the pipes, in defense and ...
1 week ago
Not your typical cule here, I know I will get a lot of thumb downs for it, justifiably so , I'm rooting for Real Madrid to win it all. IMHO, They have what it t...
You may choose to zoom on yesterday's weak perfrmance if you wish, but if you step back and think about it, Barca problems have been relying on Messi's magic to...
I beg to differ with you on too fronts: First, IMHO Real Madrid is the one going all the way and deservedly so, they have been playing good football and they ha...
Barca has been running out of ideas for few years now, because they rely so much on Messi's magic to pull them, many Barca wingers have no creativity at all whe...
I know Messi looked nonchalant yesterday, I won't blame him though , he always had a wall of Atleti defenders squeezing him and frankly he hasn't much to work w...
Hmm, here is hope that Cesc fares better although I would have liked more Messi on the False 9 rather than on the right flank. In all cases, all players need to...
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
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