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IMHO, Higuain is STILL a great striker,even with all the missed chances, he is world class. Especially for Argentina , he is the consistent one who scores, bett...
14 minutes ago
That will be great, although I see a France vs Italy final
1 day ago
You have some good points , Fabregas is absolutely useless , should have opted for Isco instead , but remember, Isco is not regular at Madrid anymore, so coach ...
Higuain, World Cup all over again :-(
2 days ago
Congrats Jeroen, finally a fine performance from Belgium
@Jereon, or you could move to Canada , we finally have a sensible leader. Like SA said, I have been to the US countless times, and the most of the folks there a...
4 days ago
Totally agreed, Di Maria was badly needed, the guy who replaced him, was total waste. Also Aguero didn't seem very comfortable on the pitch. Banega and OtaMendi...
1 week ago
Rajesh, good for you , I agree it was a delight to see the magisterial one, I was with my son also close to the corner flag on the south side :-)
I guess a lot of it is mental, like teams that play us in Liga, most of them fights us with all there strength, only to go and lose 5 nothing to another average...
He is complaining that he didn't get to do his calma thing. I thought Kari summed him very well when he said : "He's a fantastic footballer but he's not a graci...
Good find Malik, really convincing arguments :-)
Oh dear, here we go again. Let's move on , Real has won the CL, whether it is luck of the draw or ref not calling offside, that ship has sailed. They are the 20...
2 weeks ago
Iniesta is something else, he is the MOTM for me, he created so many chances.
@SG , take your laptop to the match and provide support from the stadium :-) Seriously considering to go to the quarter finals in Boston, around 8 hours of dri...
True , historically they have been underperforming for a while, I think this year will be different, they will really go very deep in the euros. I think they ha...
This year has been quite fantastic to watch, even the play is more clean, I guess the referring makes a difference, now I'm considering attending a game or two
@SA : I need a better coffee than the one I'm using right now , I thought you said Spain is an underdog :-) I see it between : - France - Spain ( I hope )
The question is ambiguous Aliko, are you saying who do you want to win or who is likely to win it ? I'm wholeheartedly supporting Spain for the beautiful styl...
I understand that a Jersey without a sponsor is much better , but 'Qatar Airways' is not a horrendous thing , to me the association with the airlines is not so...
I understand your points Malik, here is my view: there are two ways to do it, either you spend money on a key signing and you fill the blanks or spread the mone...
3 weeks ago
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