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Isco is one of the classiest Madrid players, I really wish we can have him at Barca, I think his frustrations was uncontrollable, still much better than Ramos a...
4 days ago
Unbelievable how bad he is playing, what a shame
I think his agility is far superior to Valdes, he is a nightmare for strikers. As Jeroen said, everrtime he is in net, I feel the team has a chance, no disrespe...
Ditto 9Ronaldo9, I think the only thing that is missing from Neymar is he didn't get a full volley out of it, but again , because the turn he performed was more...
2 weeks ago
Both goals from Ramos and Neymar are something, it makes one dream :-) hope Ramos is not injured and he is back in the field swiftly.
Agreed with both of you, I think we need to be patient with both and especially Munir. if you look closely, Munir fomidable back-pressing which is very valuable...
The passes from both Rakitic & Modric were just out of this world, absolutes beauties. what's in that Croatian water :-)
3 months ago
I don't think you can blame Colombia for defending the whole game, Argentina played sublime football throughout, they didn't give Colombia team a chance to touc...
5 months ago
Blaming the ref is the easy way out, he is only a human and can only judge but what he sees; the players are all professionals and should act like ones. I know ...
After watching the unthinkable incidents in the Chile-Uruguay match, I really think that these continental competitions should be restricted only to players who...
Cool observations, few more if I may: Argentina is unfortunately not very strong in the midfield , except for Messi, so every play has to come from the wings a...
I think the refereeing is the culprit, Refs are allowing all kind of thuggish behavior on the field, which prohibits wonderful skills display. looks like the re...
The HatTrick against Sevilla to surpass Telmo Zarra. Especially the first and the third goals, that was magical.
Ditto Alfredo and for the same reasons. I was watching over and over his goals this season , it is something out of this world. we are very blessed.
Seriously Cristiano, what difference it makes plus it's not even visible garment. Wow
6 months ago
For me, Bravo, he is really the Unsung hero, making gorgeous saves and shouting hard at the defense:-). Masche and Alba with honorable mention
IMHO, I think it's too early to talk about squad, we still have two big trophies to win, but here you go: St1or, good points, but I'm more with Ronaldo (the cu...
I think it is more than one thing: 1- Credit to the board for wonderful assets (Great goalies, Suarez,Rakitic and Mathieu) 2- Lucho has changed our style to be...
Neymar is phenomenal, but so is Eden. Stats are not the only thing to gage players. Frankly, Eden is more valuable to Chelsea than Neymar is to Barca. Eden is t...
Exactly , as JRATY said, we know that Xavi might be moving on, Barca don't have anyone that can replace him unless Alcantara comes back, so the board will be lo...
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