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Good for you bro, please do share some pictures from the Camp Nou. Here is for an unforgettable experience.
10 hours ago
Lucho is a great coach, I think way too premature to start thinking about coach changes , we need the board to start working , the bench is really thin, they ne...
Yeap , disappointing performance from the regulars , Rafinha, Arda , Dennis , Paco and Gomes , seriously we need some serious upgrades come January. I was conti...
2 days ago
Iniesta defensive work has been underestimated, now it is clear to everyone to see. Barca midfield highly misses his defensive non-stop hustle and offensive wor...
4 days ago
Politics is more important than soccer because it affects people's lives. Yes some of the behavior of some people in the gulf countries is very despicable and ...
1 week ago
Enlighten me guys, never heard of Qatar Airways paying pennies or doing slavery, that is shocking news to me, can you share pointers ?
2 weeks ago
I really don't get all the hate about Qatar Airlines, not sure what Rakuten business anyways, good for Barca
Well said Jeroen, totally agreed, when the game is well over and Neymar is showboating, the message he wants to send is that he is schooling the other team, whi...
Agreed Sanchez, with so many bright brains in America, it is a shame that it came to these two. That said, there is a day vs night of difference between the two...
3 weeks ago
I'm glad our boys have tons of loyalty, otherwise it could have been a disaster :
2 months ago
Agreed , Paco is proven. Good luck to Munir , he is an exemplary kid and can make a name for himself very soon if he bulks up and keeps working hard.
3 months ago
I wholeheartedly agree with Hari, the mesmerizing game style you are seeing now is not going to live forever , once Messi and Iniesta retire, it will be back to...
Will Hart simply hand over the keys of the city to Bravo ? I don't see it happening in a million years. 100% agree with Hikmat, MATS has tons of potential but ...
Back to topic, I would be really pissed off if Bravo is sold, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to do so. If Lucho likes MATS better, at least he needs B...
Agree with Malik, Lucas would be really a wonderful signing, not sure what is the hold up.
Why would MATS go to City to be another backup to Hart ? He has more chance of playtime here than there. Frankly, I beg to differ here, I think Bravo has been o...
Not sure I liked Messi shortening his vacation for friendlies, the dude needs rest, last year he was getting exhausted, and played in the Copa, he needs to rest...
4 months ago
I agree with SIF, Etoo was one of the ones that got away for me. May be his attitude didn't sit well with Pep, but boy was he lethal. Ibra is world class, but h...
I concur with Jeroen and 4ever, in that I think Tatoos don't beautify the person, it just make them look uglier, in that sense I like how Ronaldo doesn't alter ...
What about Aleix Vidal, we should give the guys a serious look, last year was not a measuring stick, I think he has tons to offer, we need to be patient. no nee...
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