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I feel the poor guy is trying, but he is putting himself under pressure to perform quickly, I see he is trying to impress and justify his acquisition, which lea...
6 days ago
Salah is doing fantastic job, no one can deny that. I liked the fact that EV rested Messi against Cuntanyol, he could have been injured by these butchers.
1 week ago
NvjFooty, you are right , he is very good, but if we got him , we will have 3 starting CB(s) problem to fix, Pique, Umtiti and Laporte, it will be a challenge t...
2 weeks ago
Hahaha, good one
As Hari mentioned, I think we tried before, but Athletic wouldn't sell, we are extremely delighted with Umtiti. Right now, if Mina can be a reliable backup CB,...
Well said
3 weeks ago
Masche has a heart of a lion, just like Puyol, he gave everything he had in every game, his work attitude will be greatly missed :-( I hope he finds happiness w...
Release clauses do not mean much when a player is loyal or doesn't want to leave, for Messi, I think that clause can be set at $1 and he'd still be at Barca. Ob...
1 month ago
Jeroen, while I agree with you that we are achieving over expectations so far and fans should be happy, I'm still not 100% confident EV has solved my main conc...
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Thanks for sharing, indeed deep insights. The one and only one thing, I didn't wholeheartedly agree with is 'Argentina has midfielders" at same level as Spain,...
Well said bro, there is no point in fighting over a possible move, if the player wants to move, and all the parties agree, there is nothing we can do as fans to...
@Fernandez, we can do a tie if you promise to sell Griezi this January to us :-)
Agree with SA, please don't count Arda, he is done. Our goalie and Umiti have been playing some exceptional football since the start of the season, and that is ...
2 months ago
Am I the only one to think Suarez ,on his last attempt which hit the post , should have made every effort to find Messi even with two more defenders closing on...
I agree on Sergi in Midfield, him and Denis need to get a very good look in Midfield to see what they have to offer. Semedo should play regularly too, unless he...
Yeap, let the best team win, it could go either way, both teams are loaded , it will be very tactical match, I just hope the ref don't ruin what should be a gre...
Congrats to Ronaldo, but in the eyes of many true football fans, Messi is head and shoulders above the rest, it is not even close. Oh well, who said life is fa...
This is exactly what a lot of people feared, the bench is so thin, that any injury or absence from the starting lineup will have a huge consequences. Sorry , bu...
Benatia & Umtiti were rock solid today.
After we lost Neymar, and what is Digne doing on the starter lineup ? I understand the rotation and I like it, but seriously half of the guys on the bench are d...
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