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You summed it up very well Franky, unfortunately the bench didn't pitch in at all when it mattered. MSN went above and beyond to carry this team as much as they...
4 weeks ago
I don't blame him, trophies should be presented at the end of the season , not the beginning of next one. Also, the three years he has been with Madrid , while ...
Congratulations guys, you were consistent most of the year. Enjoy.
1 month ago
The real question though is what the board is going to do, we need to strengthen the bench and get some help to the big guys. We also need to let some players g...
Let the team who plays best win, I just hope we have an entertaining game and the refs stay out of it.
Of course not, if he was with us, he will play like couple of games and couple of subs, right now , I assume he is playing eve rygame 90 minutes. I don't mind t...
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@S2kllinit, I understand winning is important, but remember we are talking about one of the most prestigious teams on the planet ( RM ), that challenge is so h...
2 months ago
These small teams are tricky most of the timek, they come motivated and 150% ready, while the bigger clubs mentally take it easy, so this is not surprising at a...
Sanchez, in general, being patient is fine, but not when you have MSN aging , there are only few more seasons to Messi and Suarez, the GOAT and the Great #9, if...
To do it, every member of the squad have to bring their A-game, especially Midfield and defense, also Lucho has to keep Gomes on the bench.
What's wrong with the human race ? bombing the the BVB bus, so much killings going around the world, the humans are the most destructive species on earth, geez....
Agreed, Iniesta was too gentle too, should have bore down on it a bit more
Although not a big fan of or the idea that Leo has still something to prove , I still like the title of this article:
I agree with Titi on this one, as much as I like and support Lucho, I think he needed to start his best 11 yesterday, he is a smart coach , by now he realizes t...
There were no reason whatsover to run up the score like that, even the fans don't appreciate it, they should have stopped at 7 or 8 max, running the score is ba...
Agree with SanchezAlexis, the problem most of our player have to travel all the way to South America , play grueling games and then come back on form to play , ...
I hear you, the world would have been a much much better place, if there was not so much hate and hatred around and most of the time for insane reasons( differe...
Have fun bro, may be you can swing by Barcelona and watch our team play, that would be more fun
Would love to have Isco in the fold, he could excel here, but as you said, this is very unlikely to happen :-(
3 months ago
MesQuUnClub just became a Fan of Barcelona
11 months ago
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