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Damn it. Pep, please kindly stop snatching good players away from Barca. Last year Thiago and now Mehdi.
18 hours ago
Good luck Mehdi, I was hoping Lucho is going to go after him, but it is ok. I'm happy with what we have right now, as long as Bartra gets a good look and Mash p...
1 week ago
In a normal scenario, it is a smart move, but injuries do unfortunately happen, just ask Neymar. I thought, he kind of improved and the team should have given h...
Brilliant, you can tell, he is enjoying playing creative ; a shame he didn't get to shine like that at home.
2 weeks ago
That explains why the barca board, all along, didn't seek Hummels/Benatia to replace Puyol, they already had a replacement in Busquets :-) Seriously, I wish clu...
3 weeks ago
Eid Mubarak to you all , have fun and Go Barca Go
4 weeks ago
While Mou might not win any popularity contest, he is building a scary squad. Chelsea will be a force next year.
1 month ago
I don't think Hummels is going anywhere too, I said it before and again, time to look for a steady CB, Benatia has been a stud for Roma. As for Suarez, aside fr...
Same for Aguero, he should have been left on the bench, and Higuain all the way to the last minute. As St1or said, Di Maria absence was hugely felt on the pitch...
Well summed up JRaty, exact description of Alexis-Barca dilemma.
I agree with Jeroen, it has to be Iniesta. he is exactly what Barca stands for, artful yet very, very humble. he is also not shy to speak his mind.
Ltm, Don't get me wrong, you have a point my friend and a good one too, he is a huge risk investment, but don't forget Barca is a bit desperate. Looks at other ...
Fair prediction Jeroen, even a bit conservative considering the strength of germany team. I predict a 2-1 for Argentina. The Argentines, while not as impressive...
Ditto Badge, Also we have to take into considerations the circumstances, Barca aside from Messi is toothless at the front (Sorry Neymar and Alexis). Also, Barc...
Well I would love Argentina to take it all; I can also see why Brazil and Argentina are getting some of heat for their performances. these two giants used to pr...
Funny how, for some people, this one game can define the whole Messi legacy, he wins the game and he is the greatest ever, he loses and he is not in that sphere...
I think his antics can be cured with proper counseling. let's not kid ourselves, Barca are in dire needs of a striker like him to get back onto the world stage....
What a beautiful, breathtaking display of football from Belgium, I'm impressed. That is what a world cup game should look like, not some snooze fest. If not for...
Iniesta for sure, he always gives 100% and what better captain than the one leading by example. Messi will be another good choice too.
2 months ago
All this good and dandy, but first and foremost we need CBs, I haven't seen any news on that front yet ;-(
5 months ago
6 months ago
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