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6 days ago
As you mentioned, we call it the "The ball loves you" syndrom, where the ball falls in love with you no matter where you are or what you do. Zizou is a smart c...
1 week ago
Congratulation guys, I don't think Zizou is lucky, rather he is magnificient in his coaching as he was in his playing days, you've got a gem of a coach , hold o...
The pass from Neymar is also sublime
Agreed, really can't afford losing him anytime soon, Arda is not playing well and Rafinha has somehow disappeared instead of stepping up. we don't have options ...
@ Pejvl, Remember the guy who scored was the guy Masche was defending, true Pique could have risked to go for the ball, but then if he loses the challenge it wo...
I agree it has been frustrating, but we are not very far, If Neymar takes it upon himself to score a bit more and if Sergi and Gomez take a bit more risks, we m...
Thanks for sharing Franky, I was really furious about Barca doing a friendly in the middle of the season, but seeing the amount of joy on Murtaza's face, makes ...
1 month ago
Agree with everything you said, except the luck part. I think we need to start facing the truth about Zidane, he was a magnificent player and is showing he can ...
I don't think we played badly, there were moments of brilliance , but we didn't bury our chances, Madrid has every right to celebrate, they denied us two points...
Iniesta can change the whole game with one pass , wow
Oh Neymar, what a play, unlucky miss
Good for you bro, please do share some pictures from the Camp Nou. Here is for an unforgettable experience.
Lucho is a great coach, I think way too premature to start thinking about coach changes , we need the board to start working , the bench is really thin, they ne...
Yeap , disappointing performance from the regulars , Rafinha, Arda , Dennis , Paco and Gomes , seriously we need some serious upgrades come January. I was conti...
Iniesta defensive work has been underestimated, now it is clear to everyone to see. Barca midfield highly misses his defensive non-stop hustle and offensive wor...
Politics is more important than soccer because it affects people's lives. Yes some of the behavior of some people in the gulf countries is very despicable and ...
2 months ago
Enlighten me guys, never heard of Qatar Airways paying pennies or doing slavery, that is shocking news to me, can you share pointers ?
I really don't get all the hate about Qatar Airlines, not sure what Rakuten business anyways, good for Barca
Well said Jeroen, totally agreed, when the game is well over and Neymar is showboating, the message he wants to send is that he is schooling the other team, whi...
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6 months ago
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