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I don't think you can argue that your draw is way better than the other options. We also don't think you can win just by showing up at the field, but we are say...
16 hours ago
My bet is on Real to tear Atletico apart, Real is a team that plays better on the wings as opposed to centre and will cause headaches to Atletico
22 hours ago
I have a feeling that Real will shred Atletico apart, between Marcelo , Ronaldo and Benzema, if they are all fit, they will pounce on Atletico like no tomorrow....
Well, last year his star players were injured, he has no excuse today , the squad he put was good on paper, but failed to deliver. I can understand if Bayern fa...
Ditto Franky, I have no idea what folks above are talking about :-)
Yeah, the guy hit the billboard man, unreal
That will be snoozefest
23 hours ago
Exactly, this ref is well aware of the cheap tactics
Good for Xabi, man I really want to watch a good game, not a bus parking lot
Thanks thecount for sharing, it helps when you put the context around the quote, I think all of us agree with him, Barca and Real shouldn't mimic Atletico style...
We have a saying that goes like: "The team that plays beautiful football never wins", just look at Arsenal. This Barca team is the probably the first team to co...
Congrats Leicester, what an amazing story. Next year, everyone will be ready for you guys, so you need to buckle up ;-)
1 day ago
Not only that, but other teams will start preparing differently for Leicester and will be more cautious , so they will need more options, as more and more teams...
2 days ago
Totally agree Andres , especially if other league's teams have offers for the players. It is one thing if only Bayern was the only team interested. Again, thi...
5 days ago
I rather wish football goes to the final, for me, I really would like Bayern and Real ( I know I shouldn't, but at least they sometimes play better than City, c...
Well not sure about the traitor thing, I think it is too much especially when the club is willing to sell. That said, what bothers is even if Borussia and Baye...
Totally agree with Franky, if we can't win the next three games on our own, with all the players we have, then we don't deserve to win la Liga let alone anythin...
6 days ago
I agree with Tanmay on this one, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever we shouldn't win the next three matches, with the CL out of the way, our only focus is...
Both Madrid and City are so inconsistent and unpredictable ,very hard to have an informed prediction :-)
1 week ago
I beg to differ a bit, Ronaldo job is not only a pure 9, he is mandated to pull defenders and create opportunities as well as score just like Messi, where as Su...
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