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@Andres, Pep is not supposed to be just another coach, he is an elite coach, and with the players he had at Bayern, he should have won a CL at least once. I lik...
3 weeks ago
IMHO, FIFA should have 3 ballons d'ors: - The first one for Messi ( Supernatural ) - The second one for Ronaldo ( Phenomenal ) - The third one for the rest of ...
1 month ago
Benatia will have nightmares for a long time, especially on the second one.
Exactly, in the beginning of the seasons, we seem to do well, it is the latter part that we struggle in. I hope Valverde can keep the rotations to eliminate fat...
Thanks Jeroen for the well wishes, from southern US, but more to the west. We had Harvey to deal with, I feel bad for the folks in Florida and the caribbean. We...
Our defense has aged a lot, Masche and Pique have aged, while there is no significant improvement on either defense or Midfield. In fact Midfield has aged too, ...
Not a big fan of the lad, he has tons of skills and creativity but his demeanor is like someone with 0 heart. He has no "lucho" in him, the fighting spirit whic...
IMHO, he will be a fantastic addition if we can sign him without spending an arm and a leg. He has pass-first mentality, he would do wonders with Messi .
INHO, Neymar is one level up, the dude got insane skills, pace , vision , you name it. I really wish he stayed with us so as to be the one when Messi decides to...
I hope , he can quickly adapt to playing alongside Messi just like Luis did. Welcome Ousmane, nice move by the board, although desperate move instead of well pl...
I'm with Hikmat on this one, if Dembele is signed, Di Maria doesn't make much sense, he is very talented but very selfish player, not Messi or Suarez type of ge...
2 months ago
Here is a Prayer for Barca and all the people who got affected by this barbarian act, absolutely heart broken :-(
Frankly speaking, I think the magic MSN trio brought to the team covered the huge deficiencies in midfield , defense and in the net. With Iniesta , Busquets and...
I feel bad for the best player ever to grace the pitch, what a shame
Every one on our side looks like he aged 5 years
For a goalie that plays deep in his net all the time, he should do better on that shot, he is always deep in his net.
Ter Stegen looking like a spectator :-(
Really not impressed with his behavior, he should face BVB and tell them he wants to play for Barca instead of hiding behind his phone. That is absolutely disgu...
This board is a disgrace, can't pull a good deal even if their lives depended on it, is there a petition to sign to get these clowns out, they have ruined Barca...
For the amount of money that Liverpool wants for Coutinho, I would really love to have Dybala in Midfield instead. or as Blackstyle mentioned, Thiago would be a...
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