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I feel bad for Simeone, the time he played beautiful football , he lost , not cool. The man of the match is the ref, he was sublime and he did compensate Atleti...
11 hours ago
Congratulations to you guys, you weathered the Atletico storm.
12 hours ago
Sorry Franky, using Messi, Neymar and Suarez to defend and kill the game is just not fair. This is exactly what Real is doing now, using Ronaldo & Bale's talent...
13 hours ago
Real, because they actually try to play ball rather than sit and weather the storm
17 hours ago
Watch him go to Bayern for peanuts again :-(
1 day ago
Not a lot of defenders like to play for Barca I guess , I'm not sure if we made offers but it doesn't seem we have much luck with defenders
@Coorper , it is ok to play mind games with the team you are facing in the final, but he is playing mind games with Barca which are not in the final, winning th...
I don't get it , both Dani and Masche have been starters at Barca, and looking at the available options, it is not like their position is in danger anytime soon...
2 days ago
Urgent A friend bought the ticket to the final of the champions league which will take place in Milan, between real madrid and Atletico Madrid this Saturday. Th...
I think with the success the unsung heroes want a rise, so probably Dani and Masche want a good raise. I really wish Dani stays, but We should start using Sergi...
3 days ago
I agree with Hikmat, Morata and Sandro not same level, maybe Tello and Morata were same but not Sandro. In all cases good luck to the lad, he has talent but not...
Why would Masche wants to play in Italy, yes in the 80s and 90s Italy was the place to be but that ship has sailed. He is in , arguably the best team in the wo...
Messi was the X-factor, The three passes were out of this world ( The third one being the one that resulted in Banega clipping Neymar and being sent packing )
4 days ago
Thanks budd, good luck on the CL this coming weekend
5 days ago
@Hitkmat , glad to have you as a voice of reason in our board, sometimes we get carried away and you always have an interesting input. Please keep them coming.
1 week ago
Not a big fan of re-writing history. I think we should really focus on what we can do to win the next 5 CL cups rather than worrying about the history of the fi...
Thanks a million DTaDiablo for your lightning fast support, DT for FT president
My joke-o-meter is not working well this morning, but I smell sarcasm/joke in the original post
Guys, I know we've been blessed to witness some great goals this season, what is your Barca goal of the year in la liga ? For me , it was Iniesta's in the Barne...
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