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I hear you, the world would have been a much much better place, if there was not so much hate and hatred around and most of the time for insane reasons( differe...
Have fun bro, may be you can swing by Barcelona and watch our team play, that would be more fun
Would love to have Isco in the fold, he could excel here, but as you said, this is very unlikely to happen :-(
4 days ago
Totally agree Franky
1 week ago
Franky, I hear you , but you need to remember that it is extremely hard to dribble multiple players and finish the play at the same time, Neymar spends tons of ...
I kind of disagree on that specific play, when I see it , I see he was trying to go for the ball and score as opposed to fall easily, but then the ball was alre...
Amen to that, I hope the refs stay out of it and let the teams give us a show
I'm with you mate, I see PSG will clog the middle and park the bus against us, I believe, we will score a couple or 3 but not more. I want them to have a great...
2 weeks ago
Not only you need to win everything, you need to win playing beautiful football and win big every single game
3 weeks ago
Really sad to see him go, I'm very thankful for what he really brought and his own stamp onto this team. I'm sure many cules were not happy with him abandoning ...
The writing was on the wall with the sale of Kante, what the owners were thinking ? they wanted to make money and keep the team floating, the guy was a beast i...
1 month ago
Barca has given me and many us so many magic moments over the last 30+ years that not qualifying to the CL this year will not the end of the world ( they still ...
I'm not on the same page as you guys, you always say you want to rotate players and avoid injuries, what better occasion than playing at home against Leganes ? ...
Yes, we are frustrated about the way we have been playing this year, but when you objectively think about the previous managers who came after Pep, they all tri...
I think we should stop requesting to play in Bernabeu for CDR, we know the answer already and it doesn't help anyone. We should request to play in a field that...
Heck, even us who play for leisure , we fight for wrong calls sometimes let alone professional players :-) He was a great competitor and great player. that sho...
Well said Messmerizer, the ref should not decide who gets the points based on beautiful play, he or she should call fouls and goals.
Thanks for sharing
2 months ago
As you mentioned, we call it the "The ball loves you" syndrom, where the ball falls in love with you no matter where you are or what you do. Zizou is a smart c...
Congratulation guys, I don't think Zizou is lucky, rather he is magnificient in his coaching as he was in his playing days, you've got a gem of a coach , hold o...
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