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Come on, you've got to give Di Matteo the job! How he has turned this Chelsea club around is beyond amazing...
1 year ago
ManUperch... That's cold, but true. We'll get it back.
2 years ago
Well, my team is almost at the bottom of the EPL, but guess what, I too support them. Crazyfeet is right, Arsenal may not be local, but I still support them non...
Who are the Whitecaps?
@Playa3c: Ditto, man. It is also hella funny to hear that stupid commentator saying his name like he's sleeping with Gio. Sounds almost like, "Si Giovani, si Gi...
^^^ ROFL on post above!!! Haha! So very true.
The chicken thing came from the "tainted meat" that got 5 Mexican players suspended. Not so much of a racism thing but rather Donovan insulting the players ther...
Good to see the love and respect people have for other teams. Get kinda tired of seeing many disrespectful remarks. Wish he played for Arsenal, though. HAHAHA! ...
Guardado for President!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Why do they even care if United put a full-strength team or not? The result will be the same. What a stupid rule...
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