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We wouldn't mind getting him off your hands ;)
9 hours ago
That one-two between Benz and Ronaldo followed by the goal was sick!
2 days ago
FIFA 14 was also ALOT better on PS4. I don't know if I'd wanna purchase a new console just for FIFA though. =/
5 days ago
That Herrera lad is not bad, eh?
Falcao and Di Maria are the only reasons I'll watch Man U more now. Before they were boring as s**t to watch. I think these two will spice things up a bit
Isn't Gabi more of a CM? DMs are guys like Busquets, Masch, Itturaspe, Camacho, etc..
6 days ago
I dare you to say that to his face
So much hate for Benzema. What ever happened to supporting your players rather than criticizing them every chance you get? @Asasiyun, I think part of the reaso...
^ Needs more midfield players
1 week ago
I doubt that came from a reliable source
We did fine without Ozil, we'll do fine without Di Maria. Move on already..
Thiago Silva wasn't even in that match. Dante took his place. Poor example Also, blame lies within the manager mostly
How about retiring it?
"James Rodriguez is 86? Lol wtf" I agree. Should be 88 at least
2 weeks ago
Doesn't strike me as leadership material
Damn international football
No chance Realfan. Benzema is our link man after all PS: I too am excited about the Chica signing. I think he and Kroos will prove to be our best signings this...
You complain now but you'll see how much improvement Xabi will bring to your team's midfield. And Kroos isn't really the same type of player Alonso is anyway
Diego Costa is so so good. I think he and Cesc will prove to be signings of the season for the EPL. GG
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