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I am always passionate about football, I love sports, news and those interesting stuff!
Morons, overrated, sarcastic, back stabbers and especially those RACISTS! I am extremely against domestic violence and slavery.
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Me? well, I am nice to those nice, kind to those kind, conversationalist.

FC BARCELONA ( 4-3-3 )








And to those who hates football, you are missing the best moment of your life. I used to be avid fan of Basketball. But when I travelled to Europe (now living in here, I noticed that people are soooo going crazy about the game, so...because of my confusion, I tried to watch the match and it's AC MILAN. After that game, I became fan of ACM but when they lost Kaka to Madrid and turn to out of form my taste change (but still I loved AC MILAN because they are the first team who showed and made me feel how great the football is).Then, after 2 years...I started to watch La Liga and became a huge fan of FC BARCELONA...not because they are a big team, it's because they played so entertaining and making me more passionate about football. I used to call football a soccer,lol! And now, because of addiction...I found myself talking here in footytube. Football is just amazing and can change everyone's life!

Just I need to put this here so I won't forget and I will never!
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1 year ago
Sayan wrote in On Mejays wall
Hey, wassup Meww?
Just dropping by and wanna say "hi" and "miss you"... Good luck to our upcoming matches...
Jajajaa... and why?
JK- just kidding. Busy girl...busy life! But hey, at least I'm here now. Not enough but it's OK.
2 years ago
Yeah I know... I am really busy. Can't get away from work. Life has changed. Time moved so rapidly. But my heart and passion for FC BARCELONA still going strong...
Jajaja, you're not dreaming. Try to punch yourself and you'll see. (JK) Just missing YOU guys!
Hey Mejay! It's been a long time since you last stopped by here. Where've you been? Anyway, have fun watching the Milan game tonight and don't have a heart atta...
Just wanna say good luck! Hopefully our beloved BARCA will do great tonight.
Congratulations FC BARCELONA! I am missing a lot... I don't know! Just dropping by to say " we won " and that's what matter the most. Keep doing great and stay ...
Not really...
Hey, so busy in selling louis vuitton stuffs?
I don't know guys... but I already gave a chance for the second time around to my ex and "still" it wasn't successful. So better not go back...I am going forwar...
LOL... You shouldn't go back to your ex. Past is past! You should look forward to the future. Here in football, there's so much bright future.
Nah! J'oen... that's too different.
Thank you guys...It's part of our life. But c'mon... It's FC BARCELONA's time, let's celebrate the VICTORY.
Your welcome, its good to see you back
I'm in a tough condition, broken heart and depressed since yesterday. So, I decided to go online. Guess what I saw?...1-3! Seeing the results against our belove...
Hey, yes I knew that I have been missing a lot of Barca's moments. But what can I do, my job is keeping me away from my passion which is football.Can't even bel...
US can't be boring... anyway, just enjoy life.
Thanks for inviting me to be one of your friends...
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