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Well.. would be kind of funny! and the only way, i could accept a relegation! but i still believe! one good game and we could get out of the deepest trouble. St...
3 years ago
Here we go again... :(
Meikl thought the Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal match was awesome
Meikl gave the Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal video a rating of 5
What' with Kagawa? Why isn't he playing tonight? :( :(
Hihi ok.. my mistake :D I wasn't sure about this term and asked google translator... obviously a bad decision
So German Newspaper "Bild" reports that reus has an oral agreement with Barca? Is there anything to it? I hope not :(
Indeed! Madrid is a hard opponent and what not, but in some situations it seemed like our players didn't even care (afraid?)! Miki in particular.. :(
4 years ago
Http:// «Niemand sollte glauben, dass es hier nicht ...
Any news on sahin or bender? i heard they went straight to the hospital and that thy might not make it for the game against Marseille??
Stupid so called "fans" ! whats wrong with them? this is embarrassing
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Meikl nominated M. Reus (52') for Goal of the Week
Meikl thought the Borussia Dortmund v Olympique Marseille match was good
Meikl gave the Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München video a rating of 4
Meikl nominated I. Gündogan (57') for Goal of the Week
Meikl thought the Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München match was awesome
Meikl nominated K. Großkreutz (11') for Goal of the Week
Meikl thought the Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München match was poor
A poem would be nice ;)
Barca ;)
Great game! I had four or five breakdowns during the last 15 minutes! both teams had good chances but in the end we were very very lucky
As i said before! in my opinion, most BVB fans will be rooting for barca on Wednesday! for one thing we hate bayern :D(after götze even more) and for another ...
Fcb - fcb 5-0 R.M. - BVB 1-1 final: barca - bvb 1-3
Watzke said that he doesn't have a release clause! but who knows if he's right!? ;)
5 years ago
Could it be that someone from real called the media about götze to destabilize the moral?
Please beat them to death... i think that most of the fans from bvb will be on your side tonight! ;)
The news about götze came out of nothing.. it will be an easy game for you guys tomorrow, cause everyone in dortmund is just shocked right now..:( let's just h...
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