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@SaucyMan11 WOW! That seals it! The right woman can make us do ANYTHING!
11 hours ago
@ 4everarsenal1 I realize that. I'm just saying that worldwide, and especially for a Spanish speaking player like Suarez, Barcelona is the club they have dream...
12 hours ago
Everyone needs to calm down here... All Steve was saying is that Barcelona is on a different level than other clubs. I felt like he was saying that a move to Ar...
With all these South American signings, I feel its only proper that our new spokes woman be: Sofia Vergara. She can were a nice tight-fitting business suit and ...
All hail Zidane! when he speaks, the world listens!
True, but we are pretty staked at that position as well as winger. Just need a Defensive Mid and I think were ready.
1 day ago
This juan quintero news is BS. Wenger already said we are not in the market for anymore attacking mids. Its obviously a bunch of media fodder because its a sl...
I'm not offended at all... I felt like he was saying that Arsenal and Liverpool are on par, but Barca is an upgrade for Suarez. Barcelona is a legendary club, w...
Excited about the Carlavho reports! He's the final piece... Its like when Frodo finally threw the ring into the fires of Mt. Doom... we are so close!
2 days ago
He can crush a fully inflated ball in one hand... he can jump over santi with one foot- mert with 2 feet... when he tackles, he disintegrates opponents ankles, ...
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