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A lot of haters out there. I am a Brazilian and when I saw Lucio throw himself like that it made me sad for so many reason. Firstly the man is grown up, he has ...
6 years ago
What game where you watching? I admit that at the start they're defence was getting destryoed, but just before the red card the tides had already turned.
Lucky? pffft what game did you see?
Both of the young teams did rather well and yes the red card really took away from the game.
The only reason the game wasen't 3-0+ is cause of that brick wall they call a goalkeeper.
So who cares, the only reason the game wasen't 3-0+ is cause of that brick wall they call a goalkeeper.
My thoughts exaclty.
Brasil well played! Kept the game nice and smooth throught. Still a little disappointed from Pato but I'm sure he'll come around. Neymar didn't do half bad, som...
Alves out for Macion, Gustavo out and Ganso take his place, Ronaldinho between Neymar and Hulk:)
Agreed! Really want to see Pato do a lil' better for Brasil. After his injury during AC Milan's last game of the season he hasen't been doing the best. Really ...
Well done Germany, well done Ozil!
------------------Hulk------------ Neymar---------Ronaldinho--------Pato -----Lucas------------------Ramires--- Mareclo-----David Luiz---Lucio----Macion ---...
I'm just hopping Neymar and Pato get somewhere.
I hope Neymar goes to Real Madrid.
Ronaldinho and Hulk on the team, woot! Maybe Ronnaldinho can teach Neymar and Pato just like he thought Messi!
Brail's youngsters need to get it togther (Pato, Neymar, Ganso, Lucas, etc.) We have two big problems atm, which are: 1. Mano Menezes dosen't know what he is d...
It wont be the same as 2002-2006, but we could have our samba back if these youngster's and Mano focus.
The days of Samba have been put on hold, it will never be over.
Germany really going to be something in the World Cup 2014. I also got a strong feeling about Neymar.
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