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Maver1ck911 just Watched
Maver1ck911 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Not sour, but felt the need to rant about his perceptions on the senior national squad selection process. The reason top 8 teams dominate the squad is because t...
@TheCheshireCat That's in no way entirely on Moyes' shoulders. The team and its captains need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get their s**t toge...
He was eventually credited with the goal i believe. Terry > Howard OG > Terry again
He may go down easily, but trust me... as a Chelsea supporter its right frustrating... And our players have gotten what they deserved for simulation this season...
Lets not forget two years ago when MC won the prem on the last day in the last 4 minutes.... good lord... we won the CL though legendary May 19th. I think we ca...
Hahah i just reloaded the page upon noticing that xD Trolls.
Lord Bentner to you
Would love to have you back!
Maver1ck911 (Chelsea) 1 day ago YOU COULD NOT SCRIPT A BETTER DOWNFALL FOR MAN UNITED BAHAHAHAHAHA Keep that kind of comment to yourself thanks mate, we don't...
I wasn't aware they needed "rescuing"
Did anyone else notice Ivanovic do the cruyff cross?!?!!!! i couldn't believe my eyes!
How was that allowed to play on? obviously a handball... obviously touched the ball twice... obviously a terrible player... easily the worst corner kick in hist...
Ibrah is a beast
Somewhere on FootyTube
Lmao this is a s**t article. All those goals were half assed defensive efforts. The only two quality goals in this game are milner's first and mata's free kick....
Kean0 where's your European cup?
You mad bro? whole country is coming apart at the seams
Professional television presenter bitching about the goal line ref's function... i hope he realizes how much of an idiot he sounds like. That official's functio...
5 years ago
Hernandez looks like a fuzzy muppet care bear
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