MattsKitchen enjoying the MLS playoffs. Who to root4?
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5 years ago
MattsKitchen nominated P. Guerrero (69') for Goal of the Week
Two stellar goals
Stellar goalkeeping. Whoah.
Commentators have it right; Maiga is another nice signing by the coach.
That's his standard. Hilarious.
Two of my favourite teams battling it out. Hopefully the Hammers stay in the top ten this year; great starts. As for the Gunners: what a flow to the start of an...
Well done 'caps. Let's keep this momentum building and peak going into the playoffs.
I agree, even shots on goal would be nice.
Ack. 'Caps are really struggling now, with the end of the season in sight. Just gotta pull together, keep control and fight to get to the post-season. Nice pla...
Whoah! right on! Keep it up Hammers
Go Canada Go!
6 years ago
On the shoulders of Robin Van Persie they rise. How high will they go? What a turnaround for this season so far...
I watched the highlights and love the look of the stadium on-camera. It has an air of professionalism and smart looks, plus the 'caps look at home with those ba...
Nice win at home in the new stadium. I like it!
What did the keeper do to deserve a RED card?
No doubt! If more people see this it could be voted as goal of the week.
Both are fast - as for Messi he has a real determination also.
Ah the Hammers woes continue. Gotta keep pushing on.
Ugh, another ugly loss away from home for the Whitecaps. The bright star Hassli is still shining, but he cannot do it alone. We need some stronger defense and c...
Definitely nice plays by Beckford. It's the complete opposite from Coleman - shameful & nasty. Get him outta here.
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