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For my part you can join mine, it's supposed to be a Spurs only competition. But the more players, the better. Here's the pass; 73476-166809
4 years ago
Feel free to join my league, it's a few threads below yours, with the exact same title haha
Average Joe's
Didn't notice him tbh. What means he didn't do anything wrong, except one long range shot off target. Chadli did some good passing, but other than that he was ...
But our midfield is so crowded already! Capoue is on btw
Guys, Chadli is starting for Belgium against France. Better check it out!
Would've made more sense if it was a H2H-league pal
August 18th, just when my exams are about to kick in :(
Nvm then :p. It's just that a H2H league is more personal and stuff. But I've made one for the Spurs fans, so I'll won't bother you again haha
Didn't know that Suraj, so that sorts this case hah. Why aren't you in btw?
No worries, QPR also failed miserably last year. But at least they tried! And that's what counts haha
Who's the Ivan Rusev guy?
Let me know if possible or not. If not, I'll try to make one
I could ask everyone's email adress, so I can invite you guys personally. But is that really necessary? I haven't noticed that much trolls on here lately.. :p
So I created a new H2H league for Spurs fans only, for more information go to the thread 'Fantasy Premier League' on your right!
Hi everyone! I've created a Head-to-Head league, just for the Spurs fans here on Footytube! I propose we use the same system Dawich used. So if you join, be...
We should make our own H2H-league, only for Spurs fans, should be fun! Last year there wasn't a Spurs league either, so I joined the Arsenal one, had no compet...
Average Joe's
Do you guys have a head-to-head league on FPL?
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