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4 years ago
Moyes is doing exactly what his philosophy does best; fight mid-table.
Haha, love the end of the analysis
Such a frustrating game to watch.. Look at their pass success. Kept on doing stupid long ball attempts and chips which rarely worked. Where was all the flair a...
5 years ago
City lack players with CL experience
I'll happily admit Drogba cheated? It'd put a smile to my face if I saw him getting match bans for the times he cheated. Players that cheat deserved to be pu...
Ahh didn't watch that bit! Yeah fair goal then :)
May not be racist, but still a cheat
May not be racist, but he's still a cheat.
Isn't Grant Holt offside?? Only saying that because I get called offside for that on Fifa..
It is really frustrating to see players go down like feathers these day. As a Chelsea fan I know they do it as well and I just want to stick it in their face to...
Amazing form from Chelsea.. I mean around 12 different goal scorers already this season.
Ohmz. There were tactics but maybe not for you to notice. Ramin, I appreciate that you're not being arrogant about the loss but I must say Bayern were much mor...
6 years ago
Yeah when did you read that Chelsea were scared of Barcheatlona and Bayern Munchen? Chelsea go into every game with confidence? Just because they won doesn'...
Gary Neville at his best
Liverpool WERE a fantastic team. No doubt they are still world class but there is no point reiterating the amount of times you've won the league, CL etc... Foot...
Yeah bad professionalism from Carroll. Even if it were a goal it would barely look like it to him. He should have gone for the rebound and attempt to put it in ...
Chelsea beat Liverpool by playing a strong and focused line-up. I have no idea what was going through Dalgalish's mind when he chose that set-up but only he kno...
That is what everybody said against Barcelona. Please do not base your opinion on odds and the past. The reason why Chelsea win is because they play what is i...
I can agree with you when you say that you have the best defence in the league. It brings out the idea that having the best defence puts a team eighth place wit...
Everybody please stop saying Chelsea don't have a chance against Bayern Munchen. They beat Barcenlona against all odds?
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