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LOL! What an absolute embarrassment. Time for Norway to become a subject of Sweden again. Albania won everything in this match. They dominated the Norwegian te...
Good site. Thanks!
Great...such a big match, and the only highlights available are some 2 minutes rubbish that can only be viewed in certain countries. Footytube is really going d...
Suarez uses theatrics to get a penalty, Gerrard misses and 15 min later the game is over with WBA having won it 2-0. Karma's a bitch sometimes!
Don't like cheating, but I had to chuckle when Bendtner got his revenge for the cheap shot against him earlier in the match. I bet he was planning that through ...
7 years ago
Footytube really needs to expand the number of fan traits to vote for. Rating WankACock as "rude" doesn't quite do it for me. I like lots of rude people, and I...
8 years ago
Doesn't matter. It's all about where the incident starts. It's in the rules of football, as far as I know. At least it's what they taught me at ref course. If ...
Wow, that's cool. Good luck to him.
Genialt at noen gidder å laste opp tippeligaen her. Takk!
Just watched Zambia-Nigeria, and I have to say that somebody needs to pick up 16 year old Zambian left back Mbola. He was absolute class!
The ref should be commended for having the guts to do the right thing and show that first red card for the home team. Schneider was showing the kind of disrespe...
Ehm...just thought I'd mention.... "For years, Real Madrid -- who, much like European businesses, benefited handsomely from government assistance and preferent...
That was no penalty. Richards (what a moron, by the way) was obviously holding Sahas shirt, but the incident startet outside the box. Thus should Everton have b...
All three goals by Ivory Coast were really great. Eboue's tackle was both stupid and ugly.
Ell one ou eat iverpool
Not really...
LOL! That's a sexy move by the Birmingham keeper at 1:32
Hear hear. Maybe someone for Liverpool to take a closer look at, if Benitez was to loose his job.
Man marking is for amateurs, zonal is the way to go. Way more efficient use of players and lets your team outnumber the opposition attack in all instances. Just...
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