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Yeah I lol'd a that last bit too, but gotta say though, what's with Germans now missing penalties, first Ozil then Alaba and now Muller
Too easy, too easy. They should have just handed them the league title before the season started
I want Athletico to win, they should have beat Madrid last week, the ref failed to give them 2 clear penalties and still they almost had the game won until "you...
Never seen Messi miss so many chances before. I mean they werent clear goal scoring opportunities but the Messi we've come to know and love should have scored a...
Ronaldo left foot right foot, doesnt f*****g matter. He really is the best in the world, what a player, what a performance for Madrid. THis CL is gonna go to ei...
Lol if anyone else has the time, they should read this
City can argue that the infringement that led to the pk was outside the box, but they cant argue the red card. Messi was through on goal, and if Messi facing Jo...
City didnt play like City until too late in the game, why did they play like they were scared, this is Barcelona, yeah they're a good side but this is a team th...
Definitely his fault, he's just so callous. We need a new Center Back, someone like Terry or Cahill, someone very dependable. If only we could get Vincent Kompa...
Ha its gonna be an awesome game to watch between City and Barcelona, two of the three best teams in European football today cracking it out in the champions lea...
City is the best team in the premier league, period. I really wanted us to win this because I felt like the winner of this match would go on to win the FA Cup a...
On top of the league lads, it feels like I've waited 4 years to see this Chelsea. Mourinho is a f*****g God send to Chelsea. I'm sure we'll beat Arsenal at Stam...
Hands on the face is a straight red, Christiano should know that. 3 match ban should remind him
Toure is still God though, that motherfucker can play
Holy s**t, what a f*****g game, why didnt they play this game yesterday when I'm not working. f*****g awesome, I cant believe we beat City, I still cant believe...
How is anyone supposed to stop them winning the title? They're so prolific, so quick, so intense, the title is theirs, there's just no stopping City. I'm hoping...
Cant believe we had a striker like Sturridge and let him go
Flat 4-4-2 easy to defend? yeah go tell that to Arsenal, Tottenham, Norwich and every other team that has been decimated by Manchester City this season.
Thats where United f****d up, thinking they could come to Stamford Bridge and win was a big mistake, they should have done what Chelsea did against Arsenal, but...
Mikel got a goal? wow and old boy Torres missed two sweet chances
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