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It kind of pisses me of when Brazil's bench was protesting about Alves' foul. It was clearly intentional, together with the high probability of goal. Neverthel...
2 years ago
@Footymasta : Hopefully, serie A will be boring without Inter's notoriety and dirty plays. @Outmod : I know, I'm talking about inter here though. I'm not tal...
With two more losses in the next three games, I have no doubt that Gasparini will be fired from Inter. Nevertheless, I don't think inter will be a contender eve...
Throwing pity upon your opponent is a disrespectful act. Salute for the Dutch.
He wants to win trophy, every great players feel the same, and it seems like Wenger won't be able to bring either EPL or UCL for this season. A very logical dec...
Barca is showing their class as usual, and Madrid, even though with a signature dirty football by Mou, is showing a good progress. Remembering they lost 5-0 las...
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