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4 years ago
I agree. Cleverley? Welbeck? Not good enough. Overrated!
5 years ago
Don't understand why SAF keeps playing Cleverley, Carrick & Fletcher! I wish he play Pogba or Anderson more b4 he left.
Same it goes to our beloved SAF.
7 years ago
I was hoping Arsenal to proceed. But too bad they played badly. By the way, Man Utd all the way.
The standard of Serie A is low. Even Tottenham can bit them, imagine if they were in BPL. Maybe they will do a Portsmouth!
You just earned yourself the "RETARD OF THE WEEK" award
Obertan play like s**t! Please sell Carrick, Berba the tov flop & Rooney! Bring in players like Sneijder, Stephane Mbia, Gignac!!!
Thanks for Gerrard!
8 years ago
I thought i said he needs to learn from his mistake? I never said that he is not a good manager. By the way, last season is past, Carrick is not worth to be in ...
Congratulation to Chelsea! What a great team they have. This is what SAF needs to learn! Get rid of Berba & Carrick! Bring more quality players in b4 we ending ...
Lol... in their dreams. They need to built with this team for atleast 2 season. Then they will be real contender. Maybe position 2nd or 3rd for next season if t...
I don't want anymore players from your side neither. Look at Berbatov & Carrick! Is a waste of money.
Man City played well. They will be a good team from next year onwards. Y can't we all just accept what we see? Is a fact.
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Come on Rotti. Is time for him to go. Sometimes is very boring to compete only with 2 teams.
Come on Arsenal! U guys can do it out there! Crash Barca! And hope to see u guys in the Final!
Hahaha!!! Got him there! Ouch!
Mascherano secretly support Man Utd. That's y he always make mistake for us. Good job!
Yeah man. Lucas & Rafa out!!!
Ooops. Sorry. He seems transparent to me. Just saw Park, Fletcher & Valencia dominating the midfield.
He was open. My Grandma would have score that too.
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