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I would play Arshavin while he is at Arsenal over Ramsey anyday. Arshavin is skillful, technically sharp and his constant through balls and those cheeky crosses...
Last I read Arsenal has about 50M to spend. I wonder what should AW be contemplating spending that on? I say go ALL IN on Falcao. lol
Thank you for agreeing with the rest of the points I made above lol. Now it seems you are clearly talking from just watching this 6 mins highlights. Yes, we d...
First of all, kudos to Arsenal defense today. Huge improvement from the previous few games. Good overall defensive play by the team. Sagna brings so much stabi...
Ya'll just let him loose and those same people that criticizes him now will be jumping on eachother to have Suarez on their team lol. I for one would love to ha...
Damn I just love Suarez. In every Liverpool game, his presence and influence is felt. He can make any defense in Europe tremble when he gets the ball. And regar...
This was like playing in Central Park, NY right after Sandy
Favor returned :).. . Form not looking too good atm. Time to buckle up on defense.
Thanks for the add. 2 cool votes for u! :)
Yeah dude Giroud is a great header I noticed. Sometimes I feel like he plays with his head only. If you notice, he clears any defensive corners with his head, s...
Let's be realistic here. No club can afford to sell their top talents almost every year and still consider them-self a title contender. Sell not one, but 3 the ...
For all the talks about a great defensive start this season, and all the influence that Steve has had defensively on this team, we still continue to conceive ea...
That is Santos sending a message saying he is wearing a Man-United jersey in spirit and RVP acknowledging it lol. It really appeared as though Santos was wearin...
Arsenal should try this formation until Gibbs return. Giroud Podolski Arshavin Cazorla Walcot...
It looked like a practice match for Real lol. Very laid back 5-0 victory. Damn. This team is full of swag !
With the creativity Jack and Cazorla brings in the middle, we might need a fast winger that could capitalize on the through balls and thats where Walcott edges ...
3 points at the end of the day and I will take it. Not a convincing performance but after 2 straight losses this hopefully will help gather some confidence as w...
Unconvincing but essential win !
I don't see anyone replacing what RVP used to do for Arsenal. Not just score, but score when it mattered most. Flash back to how we concluded last season that g...
We are missing a power forward. A finisher. We had one and we lost him.
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