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4 years ago
It's almost creepy how this stop motion animator was able to actually capture, with nearly human like realism, the despair of Robert Green as the ball slipped u...
7 years ago
Very bad finishing by Athletic Bilbao ;(
8 years ago
As an American myself this is the one aspect of US league soccer that I feel horribly tarnishes our reputation. The physical nature is expected but the players...
Not a good call from the ref in my eyes. While it wasn't an intentional handball and it was hit from very close to him he did have his arm far enough away fro...
Ignore the spelling and grammar errors. I'm not awake yet.
Those defensive blunder we're hard to watch.
Grafite just isn't having a very good season. Go on Fulham this your chance to fly out of nowhere and win a european cup!
From just watching the highlights it looks like the referee made some truly poor decisions and judgements.
I can't stop laughing while looking at the epic Blaggard Fist poster. I'm literally in pain laughing hysterically.
Hate seeing 4 go in past Schmeichel with his father watching but I feel his position was a bit off on 2 of those goals.
It looked to me like Freidel was unsighted by his own player on the freekick. The angle the ball passes the man on the wall would have made the ball seem to fl...
That penalty disgusts me. Firstly Del Piero wasn't in the box or on the line when the "contact" was made. 2nd he moved his own leg to force the contact and 3rd ...
Judging from the highlights it looks like the Ref had an extremely poor game. Aside from that near a record amount of misskicks on shots in the highlights also...
Cups and shoes cause physical injuries. I think the fans were going for a more deep, disturbing, psychological attack that only throwing a bunch of carrots at s...
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