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I guess Leahu was jus looking for some attention!! but that makes me wonder how well will Arsenal do against Viktoria seeing that they lost to blackburn rovers ...
6 years ago
Dortmund really disappointing this season!! was expecting so much more
I think the officials need to check the ball for magnets, maybe thats why the ball kept hitting the post........ messi control of the ball is magnificent.....ju...
A some what disappointing first half from madrid, wonder if they gonna have a better second half?
If u say its under control..........
Offside goal an they celebrate so much................ torres is getting back his form its just unfortunate that he wasnt able to hit the target wit every chanc...
Tripple post!!! what the hell is wrong wit footy??
Dragba is back!!!! yaaaaaaay
Seeing that the first manager to be sacked for the season is in the Italian league, who you think is going to be the first to be sacked in the PL??
This is outrageous why must footy have Messi and Ronaldo at 30 mil?????????? if you buy one you cant have a strong footy team to back them up!!
The deal for cesc still on....... is this a good or bad thing. how much should we really pay for him????
Honestly i don't wanna see Bojan go, but i would like to see Sanchez play for Barca........... If Cesc is to come over ummmmmmmmm where is he goin to play??? wh...
7 years ago
Who do you think is going to be the next chelsea coach??
Who do you think is going to be the next chelsea coach??
Can somebody tell me why the heck Carvalho is yet to have a second yellow card? if he had injured Messi i would have sent my hands through the TV and break his...
Guys i dont know bout you but i heard the octopus died after the world cup!!
Now i know the players are angry it would be great to have revenge on wednesday.......... Alves felt the referee had got it wrong though, saying: "I don't agre...
Its shameful to dive yes but marcelo used it as a last resort cuz he knew they were gonna lose... just accept the fact that they cheated to get the goal!
Madrid players and supporters should be ashamed of themselves cause diving to gain a draw is ridiculous it shows they have no pride and would stoop to the lowes...
Lets start the grill ppl, on the menu is Real Madrid....... How do u want yours Rear, Medium or Well Beaten down. lol :-)
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