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So if germany beat denmark and holland beat portrugal then germany win the group on 9 points and the other 3 teams all tie on 3 points, who goes through? how do...
6 years ago
Messi and ronaldo hav scored more goals individually than half of the teams in the league hav scored!! both unreal players, who hav got more natural ability tha...
Back at the top where we belong!!!
@lyverbird why does rio hav to be captain to show support to a fellow team mate?? and i watch most there matches actually. but really i should of thought when i...
He had a split second to decide what to do and he obviously thought it was showin support for evra by not shakin the hand of suarez after he had just refused to...
So suarez has made an official appology, saying how he let every1 down and how he reacted badly! hope all the liverpool fans and various other fans stickin up f...
Not iniesta??? he is one of the greatest players in the world! he definatly deserves his place!
Its definatly not biased, its just the 11 best players in the world happen to come from only 3 teams!
Its kz its gets old and boring fast, pathetic jokes from some1 who clearly cant accept the result and has to try think of reason how the 'mighty city' could pos...
So we get liverpool, one of our toughest rivals! dont tell me, we bribed the FA for that draw lol
Feels good to win but by no means is it revenge for gettin beat 6 - 1!
RING RING ..Hello greater Manchester can i help you? ..I'd like to cancel my complaint please?. ..What is it regarding sir? ..its my noisey Neighbo...
RING RING ..Hello greater Manchester can i help you? ..I'd like to cancel my complaint please?. ..What is it regarding sir? ..its my noisey Neighbo...
Stupid bitter city fan, just ignore him, TROLL!!
Couldnt agree with any post more!! well said roody!
Thank u BlueBird, i knew wetporridge would say somet kz he sounds the most bitter city fan on this page lol
All these city fans cryin about losin due to poor referring and various other poor excuse make winning besides havin a quite average performance even more satis...
@wetporridgectid instead of voicin ur opinion so strongly which most people will disagree with, let ur football do the talkin and see who wins the league at the...
The penalty in the 1st half was a clear penalty though, and tbf we could of even had a 2nd in the 2nd half when valencia got brought down by kolorov. so in term...
Thats ur opinion, u sound bitter lol u lost ur out so what happens in the next round has nothin to do with u! HAHA TAKE THAT
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