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Its true he doesn't dive much, but also remember this is the same guy who did the hand of God
5 years ago
People will naturally react defensively when you question the merits of their league or the team that they are following (see the above Mr. IllbehaviorNZ). I ag...
Players sometimes miss penalties, and twice this time it was a good goalkeeper saving otherwise decent attempts. Calling it a joke that they missed is pretty fo...
Please stop claiming that the rubbish vote is unmerited - you couldn't beat a 10-man team for 60 minutes, at home.
Cristiano officially, Marcelo for those who know football
He wen't over and hugged him, you troll
Madrid were clearly tired after the Barca game (like Barca was), but BM played extremely well. Gotta have pity for Cristiano...
Barca didn't have lots of chances in my opinion, but you were dominant in possession. That penalty shouldn't count as a properly fashioned chance, because Cesc ...
It's Achilles' heel - not Achilles heel - pretentious monkey.
Chelsea got lucky, but you have to admire their spirit. They will be run over in the final.
Haha you're all throwing out insults at other teams. You are neither gentlemen nor dignified losers.
Everything you wrote screams sore loser
Good job against west brom guys
Captain motherfuxking obvious
Arguable, as Fabregas himself has acknowledged the role Wenger has had in his development. Disturbing that you didn't know that.
Cute point about the open football BS - winning is winning and RM just showed you how to in front of your own fans. And the amount of succesful passes are betwe...
Second goal was not poor play by Barca but the awesome superiority of CR. don't try and discount your loss.
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