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Island paradise, ya know? Be a professional surf bum and do nothing but watch Dortmund and surf... nah, I actually got a a pretty cool job out here. Originall...
1 month ago
I've been following Tielemans quite a bit and even though he hasn't been phenomenal this year, I still believe he would be a great addition for us. Young, hungr...
Sorry I haven't been showing my face lately; moved to Hawaii and the time difference is pretty crazy. Anyways... What are strange season. I kept thinking, "Alr...
Kampl is exactly the type of player we needed. A creative player that can change the game by himself! I've been wishing for him for the last two years! Finally ...
Auba's strength is up the wing? That's news to me. Auba has been fantastic and was again yesterday. If he hadn't been called for the questionable offsides he wo...
2 months ago
4231 every game.
Another extremely unlucky loss... this will not go on forever. We went through a similar phase in Klopp's early years where we played very dominating and attra...
3 months ago
You are ridiculous. Hopefully our team makes you shut up really soon here.
Don't take it to personally. I'm just sick of the negativism after every negative result, not just from you. I've responded to Obskurum up top to this topic. ...
I'm not trying to attack you my friend, I'm just sick of the melodramatic pessimism after every negative result. If you've watched any of the games you would kn...
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Not sure if you actually watch the games... this is far from the worst football we've played under Klopp, the results are just working against us right now. L...
Our pessimists at work again... We will be just fine this year. We'll start a winning streak in the Bundesliga and easily secure second spot, we will make it ...
I agree with you completely Gordon... seems you're one of the only ones keeping a calm head in this little slump we're in currently. We're not even playing po...
Surprising to hear you say this after this last game... Ramos was by far the worst player on the pitch against Schalke. - Single-handedly gave them the second...
If anyone can straighten Balo out and instill fighting spirit in him, it would have been Klopp... and with that, I don't think anyone would deny, that Balo coul...
4 months ago
Meh, who needs a goal keeper... with this squad the other team wouldn't ever get to touch the ball anyways. :D I agree with you on wanting Manni back in the st...
Haha, yeah.... Ramos was absolutely brilliant today. The better Lewandowski! In my defense... I did say a while back that out of the two (Immobile vs. Ramos) ,...
The best playmaker to ever grace our black and yellows is baaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Kagawa Shinji, Shalalala Shalalalalala! -----Auba----Ramos--- Reus-----Shinji---...
What makes it even more impressive... he always played CB until this year. He's incredible!
----Bender---- Miki------Kevin ----Kagawa---- ---Auba--Ciro-- That's what I would love to see now after Reus' injury.
10 months ago
11 months ago
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