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If anyone can straighten Balo out and instill fighting spirit in him, it would have been Klopp... and with that, I don't think anyone would deny, that Balo coul...
6 days ago
Meh, who needs a goal keeper... with this squad the other team wouldn't ever get to touch the ball anyways. :D I agree with you on wanting Manni back in the st...
Haha, yeah.... Ramos was absolutely brilliant today. The better Lewandowski! In my defense... I did say a while back that out of the two (Immobile vs. Ramos) ,...
1 week ago
The best playmaker to ever grace our black and yellows is baaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Kagawa Shinji, Shalalala Shalalalalala! -----Auba----Ramos--- Reus-----Shinji---...
What makes it even more impressive... he always played CB until this year. He's incredible!
----Bender---- Miki------Kevin ----Kagawa---- ---Auba--Ciro-- That's what I would love to see now after Reus' injury.
Freaking Jogi Löw! Brilliant idea to let Reus play two 90min games in such close order after he's just back from injury! What a moron! Last year he screwed us ...
He seems average in every category but one... finishing. I was disappointed when we signed him, but now considering the offensive threat we have with Reus, Ka...
2 weeks ago
Durm: F Ginter: F Kevin: D Marco: C Saturday will be better I'm sure!
You guys are really complaining about your signings? Dstavny hit it dead on... you're team is already phenomenal and now you have Alexis, Chambers, Debuchy, and...
Shinji is officially wearing No. 7 this year.
@Yaldho & DoesntMata You're right, I try avoid watching too much EPL... it's an eye sore apart from teams like Liverpool and at times Arsenal. But I do watch e...
That's because Leverkusen had an EPL player for a coach last year... EPL certainly has the better individuals than Bundesliga, but tactically we are light-years...
No, Ji's got the 23 now. I'm assuming he will get No. 7 with Hofmann leaving on loan.
@SoccerIsFootbal If surviving is all you're looking for, sure you'll be fine. Mata and RVP brought you a lot of success last year, ja? If you guys hadn't been ...
Lol... totally forgot you guys didn't even make the CL this year! Sorry, I really didn't mean to troll just hoping for Shinji to prove himself after the torture...
It was actually a really good game... not sure what all the negativity here's about. Sure, we ran out of steam after 70min but until that point we played some o...
3 weeks ago
:D Over the moon is about right! Papa Klopp will bring back the confidence and trust Shinji needs. I'm more than certain that, with time, we will see a Shinji...
6 months ago
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