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@Yaldho & DoesntMata You're right, I try avoid watching too much EPL... it's an eye sore apart from teams like Liverpool and at times Arsenal. But I do watch e...
15 hours ago
That's because Leverkusen had an EPL player for a coach last year... EPL certainly has the better individuals than Bundesliga, but tactically we are light-years...
16 hours ago
No, Ji's got the 23 now. I'm assuming he will get No. 7 with Hofmann leaving on loan.
@SoccerIsFootbal If surviving is all you're looking for, sure you'll be fine. Mata and RVP brought you a lot of success last year, ja? If you guys hadn't been ...
17 hours ago
Lol... totally forgot you guys didn't even make the CL this year! Sorry, I really didn't mean to troll just hoping for Shinji to prove himself after the torture...
18 hours ago
I thank your idiotic management for not realizing what a phenomenal player you just let go off. Best player in your squad and you give him back to us for a mere...
It was actually a really good game... not sure what all the negativity here's about. Sure, we ran out of steam after 70min but until that point we played some o...
:D Over the moon is about right! Papa Klopp will bring back the confidence and trust Shinji needs. I'm more than certain that, with time, we will see a Shinji...
You guys are being way to hard on the team. We finally saw some of the most beautiful Dortmund football since 2011-2012 in the first half... it's the beginning ...
2 days ago
When we first bought Reus back in 2011, I was drewling over the possible Reus-Kagawa-Götze combo... then Kagawa left us. Now with him back, Reus-Kagawa-Miki ...
Let's go all out offensive power with flair: ------------Immobile-------- ---Auba----------------Miki ---------Reus--Kagawa---- ---------------Ilky---------- D...
Ramos is injured. The 442 fits our current players best, we should hang on and let them find their rhythm. Not to worried about the loss to Leverkusen. They a...
1 week ago
Lol... more than happy to let M. Reus go if we get Messi.
He looked very promising during our preseason and Klopp speaks very highly of him. He seems to be a regular starter in our second team now, at the age of 18... ...
I TOLD YOU ALL THAT AUBA WOULD TURN IT ON THIS SEASON! :D Naaaa, I'm just super stoked to see him do this well. I always thought he should be our Lewa replacem...
2 weeks ago
I agree that we'll be better off without Lewa. It forced us to progress our style of play... with him still here we would not be playing a 442 and Auba would ne...
He seems a type of player we don't currently have in our squad and if Klopp was willing to spend 3m on an 18 year old striker, he must be something pretty speci...
Carlos Stranderg failed the medical evaluation and will not be joining us... kind of a bummer.
Amen to that!
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