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Just had to share this here, i personally found it hilarious. Commentator sings Eye of the Tiger to Paul Scholes goal.
11 months ago
12 months ago
1 year ago
He cut his head open
United will take him if u dont want him
Girouds 2nd 1, where the cross came in from the right, he was offside by inches...
What happened to chevrolet, did we not sign a deal with them?
Hard to get a player like rooney
Best of luck... but you say EPL tards? Who won last season? United and Arsenal did very well i believe, just very poor refereeing. Barca and Real also Get 3...
MariusV is now friends with Gsiofy
You said Rafael was great you said you won't forgive Nani i believe you're someone who hated on Rafael for getting sent of against Bayern Munchen and getting ...
I thought there was something up with my internet lol
Love the profile picture mate! :) 2 cools
2 years ago
I think evans and ivanovic have scored more than evra
Snitch you make me laugh!!
I thought it was for CHICHARITO edit ^^^ lol seconds before i posted it
Ffs, just shut up, he was just saying... hernandez's team was behind, he came on as a sub, plus he changed the game completely and turned it around, at the end ...
Because Vlaar scored instead of Hernandez
Viva ronaldoooo
If you see a liverpool fan on a bike, why should you not swerve to hit him? It could be your bike
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