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^Yeah I mean guardiola and "no true effort" can't possibly go into the same sentence. That's not to say I see him as infallible and never in the wrong; but ser...
I just came by to bow down to our football lord and saviour: Messi. That is all. great game today and hope you guys finish top of your group!
Can't wait for chelsea to play in group thats not a cakewalk year in and year out.
What do you mean by no true effort?
Replace arsene or die trying
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3 weeks ago
Bayerns spanking happens once every ten years. In the 2000s it was by barcelona when they beat us 4-0 in CL. This decade it was done by the hands of real madrid...
^completely agree. I do not buy into the Rummenigge comment of bayern's "patriotic duty" to sign reus rather than let him leave germany. I too was not cheering...
Please somehow finish on top of your group so we do not have to put your prediction of 8-2 to the test......
4 weeks ago
Right through the keeper's legs!
1 month ago
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And oh... forgot to mention..xabi free kick was orgasmic.
From the excerpt I read, he just meant tiki-taka from an outsider's view just means retaining possession and passing the ball for the sake of passing and rackin...
WOW perfect way to return from a week of no footy. 1) Tactics. Guardiola going with the 3-4-3 lineup and boy it work today. Lahm inserted smack in the midfield...
You meant to say continue jacking off MWAHAHAHA
Last post about pep for today but here is another excerpt: He reveals that he detests the “tiki taka” style made famous when he was at Barcelona, claiming ...
Another article from pep's book. Here, it talks about Pep admitting he monumentally effed up his tactics for our real madrid match. Apparently pep changed his m...
I thought I would post-links from the book on pep which quite frankly I find insightful and interesting into our manager's tactics. It is rare to see a book abo...
Lmaooo @thebokiya hey guys :) just bored due to the international break and there's nothing to watch sadly ahah
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6 months ago
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