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4 years ago
I haven't been able to locate lengthy highlights.. Can anyone tell me what it is that caused Messi's apparent injury/strain?
5 years ago
People are too eager to jump on the "Valdez sucks" bandwagon.. Truthfully; some games he performs, some games he doesn't. Today, he did well. That last goal wa...
God damn; Mertesacker had a TERRIBLE showing. His 3 biggest mistakes: 1) Big flinch and turn-away from the Suarez's shot (1st goal). 2) The POOR pass that ...
Respect to KPB! Sepp Blatter's remarks on the issue were the height of stupidity!
I agree with you JKTan: I was SO pysched to see David Villa join Barca -- but given the options available to Villanova, he rarely gets 90 mins. I would hope h...
HAHAHAHAH!! Are you KIDDING me?? 173 Rubbish Votes?? LOL -- Guys.. that's just pathetic!
Without the context of everything else Wenger is saying, the title is slightly misleading. Wenger is being very respectful with his comments. I think he inten...
Lol, Chargui is that supposed to make me feel poorly? I know Giroud and Walcott celebrated together on the first goal, that's why my comment only made mention ...
Does it bother anyone else when a scoring opportunity is seized due to a CRUCIAL assist, and then the scorer does NOT include the "assister" in the celebration?...
I completely DISAGREE with you Zizzou7! There is no "right way" to play football.. It's all about strategy. If a certain strategy (i.e. Heavy defense and coun...
Celtic: FANTASTIC game! Also -- The amount of energy in that stadium was unreal! Barca: Can't win em all -- Better in Group stage were we can afford a loss, t...
Not as mad as I'd be if I were in a 3-way tie for 10th..
Way to make yourself look like an Ass, Champ119..
BENZEMAAAAAA!! Gotta be goal of the week! Ronaldo beastly with that hat trick!
Also: FAVORITE commentator in Ray Hudson!
Amazing game by Sevilla!! They deserved at LEAST a draw :( Barca were very lucky for the ref to see that handball. It seem an unintentional hand-ball, but it m...
I would absolutely award this year's MVP to Drogba!
6 years ago
Great match! Anyone know what Cesar was saying to Ibrahimovic right before he took the penalty? I'm assuming just s**t-talk... Anyways: MAICON :O!!!
To Real Madrid: Congratulations! You played the better game, and got the result you deserved! To Barca: Guardiola made a big mistake starting Tello, but his re...
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