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4 years ago
I guess some fans (like Theatrefdream) might look at the overall season as a downward trend... like our abysmal European and cup performances...which really giv...
5 years ago
We don even need city to loose...a freakish last minute penalty given to qpr to tie a game would do it..asuming we do our part and win our game..
Substitution now
Rooney should of shot the valencia pass..
Swansea should get their bench some real time premier league practice time...and keept their stars rested for enxt season...
Torres cost like more than half of the qpr team...
Also..could QPR pull an upset and tie the game next week to stay in the premeir league?
6-0 against Swansea, 6-0 against sunderland....that is not so impossible considering both Swansea and Sunderland has absolutely nothing to play for and both in...
Hmm..chelsea does have a shot with couple bayern players not eligible to play at the CL finals..
O wait...Henry did win the Champions league with Barca..I guess your team makes more sense Badge..
I believe in Newcastle beating City
Germany does have a National Stadium...the Olympiastadion which they used for FIFA 2006...they should just use that's a pretty neutral ground..
But if Chelsea wins the Champions League..then I'm totally replacing Gerrad with Lampard. The team I voted: Schmeichel, G. Neville, Staam, Ferdinand, Denis Irw...
Premier League 20 year Fantasy Team Voting is going on right now! Everyone should go to to vote! I personally think to be a great premier lea...
Well..i kno it's not his fault that he's short..but maybe SAF should place someone taller in that position? like...jones or smalling?
And even if Man City do win all their games..United can still clinch the title by beating Swanswea 5-0 and Sunderland 6-0
So how come smalling and phil jones don't get to play anymore..
I guesss some people are just really unaccustomed to our horrendous defensive performace in this game...and some games recetnly against relatively offensive tea...
I guess United just like to go the tough way and make things exciting..
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ferdinand couldn't do anything about Jelavic's opener because he was not the one guarding him.... it was lost child Rafael that was marking Jelavic...who also f...
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