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Barca are in the Semi- Final cos they deserve it. I dont understand all the hate really.. You dont expect them to win 4-0 every game or give a masterclass perfo...
LOL PSG93 if you were better you should have been in the semis and not Barca.. Keep crying mate
The Journey of a million mile starts with a step.. Spain started in 2008 but the way they've dominated the game is something we've never seen b4.. They're still...
Casillas had way better defence than Valdes throughout his career and yet he's been shipping goal against Barca in numbers.. 6-2, 5-0,3-0, 3-1 uncountable 2-0 e...
CR7 You bad boy!!! Making an old man Like Iker to cum on live broadcast
I'm ashamed to see you're a United fan. Fans like you gives United real fans a bad image
Oh man! You hardly see Busquets gamble and lose possession like that.. Try again next match
1. Score with right foot ... Check 2. Score with your head..... Check 3. Score free-kicks ........ Check 4. Score from outside the area... Check 5. Play well fo...
Song will turn out to be a better buy than Cesc.. He's never looked himself since returning to Barca. Fabregas of Arsenal would have burried those chances
Haha Why are you guys snapping at everyone?? It was Atletico that did the damage not me.. Please go vent your anger and frustration towards Falcao and Simone co...
LOL Chelsea can only dream of winning at Nou Camp. It was 2-2 draw guys
How on earth did Chelsea win Champions League?? Fate perhaps!!! And EPL stonger than La Liga?? Shame on anyone saying that.. I'll be watching anxiously for the ...
This is more than s**t happening Bro..
@ Mmjnr the best ever ranking for an African team was Nigeria 4th in fifa ranking I think in 1994.. Not a chance of any other African team breaking that record ...
Ronaldo I love you man but until you stop thinking about "YOU" and "GLORY" you'll never reach your full potential.. How many free kicks did he waste? And each t...
Man city will never win anything Until they Stop Playing guys complain just about anything..Please try and win games first before Complaining about ...
6 years ago
I thought I was the only one that felt that call killed the game off.. When they get such calls, It's well deserved but when it's Barca it's conspiracy and chea...
Why do people hate teams that're doing great?? In EPL they said Man U are getting all the PKs and SAF intimidates everyone.. In La Liga, they call Barca Cheater...
Oh Shut up!!!
Well, this is how you play with a man down.. 64% possession still.. That red card?? Thiago didn't even commit a foul and neither did Puyol but both got a yellow...
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