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'The Best' is manager at UTD. You must be confused.
5 years ago
Stupid scouse twat, dismissed welbecks effort to praise liverpool players. of course welbeck went for that, anyone can see that. liverpool fans are delusional.
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Well said, dave whelan should shut his mouth making headlines like this. a nosebleed is not going to stop SAF. he's building a new young team, he wont stop unti...
England are just an average team, and they have been for many years. They never dominate and have no flare. It doesn't matter if this is a second choice team o...
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Very interesting article for those who like to pull stats out. remember, every season there are all kinds of stats to be looked at, but the truth is, its very u...
United have thrown it away. we dont lose an 8 point lead with a few games to go. i still cannot believe it. we wont score enough goals to overtake them on goal ...
Congratulations to Chelsea, Im made up for them, i really hope they win this thing, the club and players deserve to hold this cup. Go Chelsea ;) John Terry, wh...
Game of the season. Brilliant to watch.
7 years ago
Well done boys,,, almost there, and then we are officially the champs again.
Im always proud, but was a good result today. i think this game was the turning point for the title. well done boys.
I hope he doesn't get fired just because chelsea dont win the league. thats what they seem to do with every one. he won the title last year and thats a great ac...
Haha,, another top game from the pool. well that is spot on. liverpool have never even won the premiership, but you have to listen to heir fans going on like t...
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Are everyone idiots on here,,,, this is not a true story.
@AdnanBosnia,,,, Are you out of your F*king mind? your no REAL UTD fan,,, no one speaks like that. I think the word 'Bosnia' in your name explains it all. The...
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We will still win the league, you cannot stop us...........
S*ite article. UTD were poor today, LiverPOO were much better, but you still wont win anything for now, or for the foreseeable future. another 20 years anyone...
I dont think they will go all season without losing, if we do then thats such an achievement, but i think we will win the league this year. chelsea and city are...
Priceless comments from Torres, and the truth. So, liverpool fans, just so you got this,,,, 'You Are NOT A Top-Level Club' Thankyou ;)))
Well said,,, very true what you say there. liverpool fans talk the most crap i have heard from any fans in england. they wouldnt shut up about torres being the ...
Do you think, if gerrard leaves after torres, that lfc would tell all the other players to go back to their homes as there is no point carrying on anymore? min...
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