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Willian is good but we need better younger more explosive players.. out: Darmian, Blind, Felly, (Carrick retired), Martial (will go). id get rid of Jones now. ...
3 days ago
Yes but he has spent a lot and not made it work..i like mou and i really think hes the best brain in the business at the moment but hes not getting it done. for...
4 days ago
Yes you read that right. if barca madrid munich was on the pitch today against you or us it would have been a 4 or 5 nil first half. second half the kitman and ...
We are trash overall but so was chelsea. bang average. couldnt believe how average they were. a top top team would have crushed both sides today beyond belief w...
Nah dude pool was much superior over the 2 legs. they killed game in the first game. today they played at 50%. they will win it. madrid was lethargic. they push...
3 weeks ago
Bayern v pool. 100%
1 month ago
Munich but pool could it as well.
No messi no party. he cant get it done without messi. dudes tactics are lame. pass to debryne. pass to sane. and he was offside 30 times today.
Sanchez has played some many seasons year in year out without breakes. next season he will be fresh and well see a beast.
We had a full week right and their playing a weakened team that played midweek. were just pure pure trash. we cant string 3 passes together.
We have clueless clowns in the team. this is our level. simple as that. we suck ass.
Pogba bailly and smalling all sleepinh
We cant string 3 passes together. were a very poor side regardless of what happens here. we havent progressed in terms of team identity
Yeah but this is sad if true regarfless of the position of the club in this case. also good on pep to burn that feking juice burger head. hes a massive clown. n...
They have a chance. i think they beat them
So no one here found jose mocking our heritage funny? he keeps trolling us more everyday..
2 months ago
Tuchel. zidane is clueless. he would get a non top team relegated
Club should sack him. continually undermining the fans. he knows that the support hes been getting is first class yet he questions the fans when the footy is bs...
It was coming. they didnt prepare correctly. clown tree strolling around the pitch. s**t tactics. s**t team play. s**t spirit. listen to the sevilla fans fukin ...
Wed take them all. the bigger the game the bigger the tactics. jose lives for big games
4 years ago
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