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Don't say that lol--SIF will come at you..
2 weeks ago
Why not? Nows the time to act to see what hes got. Then in the summer we can act accordingly if needed. The team is inconsistent under gaal. We wont win anythin...
@ERfaneri- that's me lol...I'm not mad.. I just didn't see us winning. at best I said a draw..We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves because we won today. if we go...
3 weeks ago
Cingratz everyone. Special mention to sif lol..
Patethic bunch. 30min gona, not one attempt on goal...
Nah I wont. I will call out some of these guys though if I am right that's for sure..and if I am wrong then ill take the heat. The game is mental more then it i...
4 weeks ago
I remember clearly how he thought we had lost our my friend are an excuse in itself. Backing the team is good but its about being realistic. You ca...
We dont have depth to compete for a few trophies from year to year but we have enough quality to not be behind west ham in the table.truth is were a soft team o...
1 month ago
We should go for higuain...he is much better than a bemzema for example and even cavani. He dissappears in some games but generally is a great player that could...
Thats why pep is a waste. A good blend of possession and direct forward football is what we could do with giggs.
We are very easy to play against.....swansea ant breaking a sweat
I lost respect for moyes so no I don't respect what he says.I wouldn't want this guy in a championship team let alone managing in premier league. I backed him b...
Even if we lack quality which we dont..we.should still be able to match leicester's unbelievable the crap im hearing on this forum from some of you g...
Rooney plays tomorrow. I hope mata is dropped cuz hes been trash. Carrick as well. Memphis as well. That kid....That kid....Hes not helping himself honestly. I ...
Merson predicts another lose for us. 0-2 lol. I agree its an easy away win. Theres no hope cause the players dont have fight in them...I dont understand why can...
We waited until we were 2 down to play like we had nothing to lose after losing 3 on the trot? we have serial title winners in our team (titles of different com...
"don't dare to play football" = " my players betrayed me". hate to see a great man losing the plot in this manner and our pathetic players let him down massivel...
We have the resources and the stature, the youth all things are in place for long term success. but the players are becoming duds and spiri...
Fully agree. I really liked lvg and was excited when he took over especially the prospect of working with youth. I envisioned a united team resembling ajax but ...
This f****n broom....wowwsww. 5 yards out
2 years ago
3 years ago
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