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The squad is good enough. One capable of winning title when we have all available, or close to that. It's bs this excuse
4 days ago
Yea but why put him in the first place? That faking useless tree..he trains him everyday..Doesn't he see that he's useless. Also pogba is just as useless...we h...
Pogba always taking an extra touch. Dude gets annoying sometimes. I would sub him out...
Me too. Would never want him here..
1 week ago
Watch rooney have a big game tomorrow lol.remember spurs at home after tho boxing
2 weeks ago
I'm disappointed with both of them. I am not sure about calling them out but these guys are young and esp smalling that had been with us for 5-6 years now. Mou...
1 month ago
No miki again. Something is up. This is not good
The idiot is but hurt that they didn't win and he also knows that we will buttfeck Hendo and his crew at old trafford...Piss off...
Why is there no conference from Mou today?
I don't understand why Ibra has to come in for Pogba,,why not Miki???ahhhhh man this is so frustrating..
Dude it seems your salty..i understand but hes got 7 or so trophies to his name. looking at his past performances there is no reason to be concerned. hes adapta...
Agree 100%. Sane is extremely overrated, waste of money i feel. As for Gundogan, hes injury prone, i feel hes one big injury away from being shot but if hes sta...
No panic lads. It sucks that we didn't get the 3 but there will be a few games like this in the season. Hopefully one less now. We played some great stuff, best...
I hope miki plays wednesday. We need some pace and creativity. It's a risk but we have to change things up. Lingard is clueless in big games. I don't know what'...
I would like to see the following lineup tomorrow ...martial....ibra.....young ... ......mata/miki.......... ........pogba..herrera....... Blind...smalling.bail...
Is miki ready? Cant wait for him to be ready.I think he can kick start a of games for us..
2 months ago
Mou knows this. It's mind games..we drop out of Europa..Pool runs out of steam in Jan/Feb and City burns out with CL commitment & injuries.. and we win the leag...
Agreed. Our guys quickly forget what Rooney has accomplished for us. I think he has 600+ appearances for us if I'm not mistaking. His body has somewhat given up...
Yes, why wouldn't I? because he lost 3 games. I know the game buddy and in the end we will see who prevails but i feel confident.
2 years ago
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