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Mhki is s**t. I cant believe it. Just cant. Hes ball watching. Looks unfit. A player i like so much and rate so highly looks like hes on vacation already
3 days ago
I usee to back smalling but hes a faking bum..never aware of who is around him, wrong foots notice when he wants to pass the ball a certian direct...
2 weeks ago
He loves pep this guy so let him go.if jose wins the europa that will be 3 trophies for him in his first season, major or not. Hes miles better than baldie. Mil...
4 weeks ago
Cannot fukin score from 2 metres s**t. Cluelesss
1 month ago
Pogba is a flop. Sorry but cant defend him anymore
Judaaaaaaaaassssssss is no1
Juve for sure. they will tear Madrid a new one. Chiellini, Bonucci those guys are amazing. big experience at the top. Honestly if vidal puts the penalty in i th...
Icardi garbage. Lacazette ant a world beater. Auba is top claas but not sure hell want to join us. Looks like he wants sunny spain. Dybala i just read is about ...
We will beat chelsea so lonb we dont get a red card
2 on 1 and we cant finish it off. Total disgrace. Those f****n fans deserve better..honestly if im make these donkeys sit for extra training until they...
We have mids that cant hit the ball properly...during the season our mids should be able to give us 10-15 total goals but none of these monkeys can hit a ball.....
30 min gone and we havent mustered one chance on goal...were a sunday team boys thats the reality..
Shaw was clueless. His heads not right. Top talent but no brains at this point. Joses right. He looked weak and confused
Miki and pogba for me are total heart...and shaw...his career is over at unites
Everyone is on fellys case but how many times has pogba lost the the last 15min..
Disappointing that Lingard starts ahead of Miki. what the hell is happening to these players. i like Lingard but this is just no good. these donkeys got to real...
Pogba is just 1 player. Its tiring hearing about we missed this player that player...its the overall team that has zero concept to the game we play and the indi...
Its difficult to pinpoint our problems anymore...i think mou is to blame too..what is our style of play..we dont have a good system in which the players thrive ...
I cant believe the s**t we produce sometimes...these donkeys are so lucky we have respectful fans..theyd be booed off the pitch elsewhere with this kind of disg...
Felly latest victim of internationals...
2 months ago
3 years ago
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