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Haha. i actually wouldn't mind that happening or we lower our price since they bought Higuain and need the money or even pull out completely and go after someon...
3 hours ago
Thats not the point. Dragging a transfer like this when were about to start the season in like 2 weeks is never good. You can have all messis in the team and it...
17 hours ago
I don't care whether Pogba is moving or not or what the media says. we either wrap it up or move on. no point being dragged down the mud by the idiot himself or...
This Pogba thing is just borderline stupid. i wish we would cancel the damn thing and never look back. We could get Kroos & Matuidi and prob have left over. We ...
Agree, but if lets say no Pogba, no Sissoko and Matuidi eh hes 29 then who?
1 week ago
I understand what you are saying but buying one or two players that are actually worth the fee does not constitute buying recklessly. i.e if you bought Messi fo...
Did city***. Left out the most important piece of info
Disagree. United will pay a litle more extra maybe 10-15mill more because other clubs now we need players and we get shafted but overall a donkey cost 30-40 bec...
@sif. Mahrez isnt a top player.I just dont see that he will deliver year after year. Hes not a mou type player, not physical, no great pace. Technically ok but ...
I don't think its nonsense. Thats how it starts. Inflation isnt caused by one club solely. It was caused by madrid, city and chelsea more precisely. The general...
Mahrez is not good enough for us. I don't see him delivering at the highest level year in year out consistently. no to James either. 70m fee for what? Miki is a...
Is it a done deal?
3 weeks ago
Hart is an average keeper. The boys involved can now get some rest before the new season kicks off. Big season ahead.
4 weeks ago
Ef him...Going to Munich is always easier. we are building a young squad for ages not for 2-3 years.
1 month ago
Ibra to hang up the boots for Sweden and no Olympics. if he is coming, it should be announced first week in July.
Woy the bum. Russia chasing the game left all kinds of space so instead of bringing in vardy or rashford to finish them off. He brings in milner. Lol. Wow.
France have the most quality but I am going with a surprise and going to say England.
Not sure. i don't think we were aggressive in pursuit. a serious bid could shake things up because they have Morata and they can keep him instead.
Not sure if selling Blind is a good idea. Really good passer, composed and intelligent. perfect for CDM role. Mou could play him there like he did Luiz for a bi...
Congrats on signing Xhaka. he is a special player and will do well for you guys. Hes Albanian playing for the Swiss. From his interview, you could tell hes an a...
2 months ago
2 years ago
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