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He is human but some of our players take for granted what it means to play for man united. and thats the issue i have. pogba strolls around the pitch without sh...
Yeah then it will be tough as most likely it will be us city chelsea and spurs
1 day ago
Brighton next. not bad draw. at home too.
2 days ago
Hes not the problem. he is doing his job and as you see he scores when he gets service. problem is soft defense and pogba hugging the ball and not controlling t...
The old rule of giving the advantage to attacker was best. this var s**t is crap. hes a hair off if any. games going backwards
Were a shambles all around. playing like were hudersfield. firefighting. cant keep ball for 5min. pathetic
Pogba is not world class. world class players take responsibility on the pitch and drag the team through and boss the game. hes not doing any of that. hes not m...
1 week ago
I also dont understand the hate lukaku is getting. the dude got 0 service. 0. most of you guys commenting here how many of you play as a striker. i do so i know...
Hes got almost 10 titles undeer his belt. should know what it should mean to be a midfield player how important that position is and yet he plays like a 10yr wi...
Martial too. hes overrated. 3 point blank chances he misses. not a top player never.
Pogbas trash. all talent no show. brains of a 10yr old
I honestly wonder what our players do in training. its so frustrating to watch its incredible. they feel no responsibility to go out there and string 2 3 passes...
Woody has done his job. not sure why he would be incompetent. he get the players the manager wants if their gettable. its not easy to get players anymore. aside...
They are not 3 levels ahead of everyone. disagree and also they will not win the next 3-4 even if we dont improve lets say.because they cant really improve much...
Ef of you clown. worry about next year being your year.
2 weeks ago
How is Sanchez playing?
They will turn up wont they? Liverpool 2.0
Lets go champ!!!. let thump them boys..
Agreed. few games he came in he was a dead body. as beast he is its over for him in the prem. we have 4 players that can play as 9.
3 weeks ago
Griez level has dropped. waste of time. focus elsewhere mid and defense
4 years ago
5 years ago
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