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Dont matter 2 different players. 2 different footballing sides.
2 days ago
Pogba is no messi though in terms of influence. you dont have to look at the stats to see he losses the ball because he hugs it too much. he has to release a ta...
Yeah it would be redicilious for luka to play right. but with 2 upfront thats not needed. also no no10 in there so miki and mata would have to play on the right...
I think we could make it work with young and valencia on the wings. darmain and tuanzebe at fullback. something like that. i think we lack cohesion. our defense...
4-4-2 is the solution. if everyone works hard it can work. then all 4 could play centrally but we really need a good winger. defensive minded as well as offensi...
3 days ago
Lol. april fools joke right
6 days ago
Mane would have been huge for us huge. cant believe we didnt nab him..
2 weeks ago
He doesn't mean much anywhere honestly.. he was a good player but sucks as a coach. Juve did better after he left in Europe..they are going to win the league th...
Not an excuse/reason
Joey were man united.losing a game and pinpointing to one player for the loss is an excuse for me. an excuse brighton might use not un. pogba or not we just are...
Pogba not playing is not an excuse. yes hes somewhat the missing link but its almost by default we accept a loss at the bridge. pogba is not messi so its not an...
City arent impressive today. maybe cl has kicked into the legs. if herrera does a job on debryne we can smash them..
Miki is garbage. hes not got fight for the premier league. i honestly dont get why we play with a 10. 3 man midfield with pogba. sell miki and mata. we tried th...
3 weeks ago
Were so shite man. its honestly painful to watch..we have no style of play..
I look at this team and honestly other than de gea, valencia and matic and lingard no other player has the character to play for united. look at the urgency and...
1 month ago
I cant believe how poor herrera is. what happened to this guy
Were so s**t its unbelievable. lindelof wow school boy. this is a big test if we cant turn this around were not ready to be champs
Mind games. anything to deflect attention from how s**t we were against pool. same with pogba and france etc..hes just loading press up with bs.
Yes their leaving a world class renowned top club with loads of trophies to support a team on par with aston villa. 100%
Hes analysis is trash
3 years ago
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