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I would like to see the following lineup tomorrow ...martial....ibra.....young ... ......mata/miki.......... ........pogba..herrera....... Blind...smalling.bail...
8 hours ago
Is miki ready? Cant wait for him to be ready.I think he can kick start a of games for us..
4 weeks ago
Mou knows this. It's mind games..we drop out of Europa..Pool runs out of steam in Jan/Feb and City burns out with CL commitment & injuries.. and we win the leag...
Agreed. Our guys quickly forget what Rooney has accomplished for us. I think he has 600+ appearances for us if I'm not mistaking. His body has somewhat given up...
1 month ago
Yes, why wouldn't I? because he lost 3 games. I know the game buddy and in the end we will see who prevails but i feel confident.
Lol you still think Jose is better than Pep? Imagine if Pep lost 3 games in a row...
We will ko you guys but nice try buddyh
Its a matter of time. He will drop rooney but will keep him in the dressing room because hes a united legend. He will ship mata out and miki will run the show.I...
We will be fine. We are at home and its a cup tie. we will ko them. We will hit form by then and take care of them. Joze one wont want to lose to baldie again a...
Mou should try something different vs Leicester 4-3-3 ..Martial/Rashford...Ibra.......Valencia... ....Herrera.. Pogba.......Blind......... Shaw/Rojo..Bailly....
I am disappointing by Smalling's performance vs Watford. He was the go to guy last season and in the game he looked completely off. Why cant our guys stand up a...
I think blind is better suited to replace carrick. Id love to see him there. I think he can do a carricks job. Herrera not so much but.i would gave him in a 3 m...
We will come good soon lads. Dropping a nobody joe hart is not the same as dropping an influental club man in Rooney that has 12 or 13 trophies to his name It's...
I think everyone is overreacting a bit. i trust Mou to figure it out. The team is not up to par yet in terms of fitness and chemistry. we will kick on in 3-4 we...
I hope we drop out and focus on gelling and training hard to get top fitness instilled in these guys..then we can push for the Prem, fa and micky... i don't see...
Sorry the reply option isn't available sometimes. I don't know why. could it be something in the settings?
@tomi- my argument was more so pep v mou rather than citys defense.this has nothing to do with 2-3 months. This is based on the past performances of the two and...
The season is young fellas. At worst we could have and probably should have had a draw with the chances we had the pen shouts etc..for 35min we were lost but mo...
Don't worry he wont get to win with city...United is back. :)))
2 years ago
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