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Fletcher, Young and Valencia,Evans and even Mata all are bottlenecks at the moment..the four are shocking and painful to watch...amateurish..waste of bodies in ...
3 days ago
Express reporting Vidal is imminent. not sure how reliable they are?
6 days ago
Terrible midfield. championship like with clev and fletcher. i am big fletch fan but hes got to play the bench and clev has to go..hes not united material perio...
1 week ago
Pathetic display..we have to be trying extremely hard to be playing this way...maybe our training session are exactly like this..maybe..blame confidence, manage...
4 months ago
How many goals do you guys think we will score or do we push for 0-0 and try and nick one late in the game??
Congratz you guys..Well done. I knew Jose had something up his sleeve. I tipped you guys to go through..It will be nice to have 2 English teams in the semis but...
What do you guys see happening tomorrow's clashes.. I see Chelsea winning on the night and most likely going through..I see Bvb winning on the night but Madrid ...
I like your line up but i think Nani has to be included- he is fresh and we need his pace..Carrick should slot for Vida as Vida will have no legs for Tuesday an...
5 months ago
How do you guys think we can beat/grab a result vs Munich on Tuesday?I believe pace is our only savior in that game...We need to sit compact and hit em with pac...
I hope Nani plays tom..Anyone think he will start tomorrow? He could be our saviour tom lol..I doubt Moyes will start thim though.. ....... Rooney........... W...
Against Munich of course...
With RVP out i think it's best that we counter gat for gat with a 4-1-4-1 formation...Here is how .................Rooney................ Nani......Welback....K...
How crazy would it be if Giggs led the team Wednesday night? I would love to see it..How many of you would love to see this?? We would slaughter olym with Giggs...
Shocking from Moyes..biggest game of the year and he waits until the 80th min to make a move to try and turn the game around..He just doesn't have that boldness...
Also forgot to add that Adebayor can score left and right but our World class players cannot even control the ball nowadays...They look like the Sunday league t...
6 months ago
Another game without a concept. I feel sorry for our players..How can our quality fade away this way??? We have serious problems and the fact that some of the g...
No concept to our game...It doesn't even matter that we are playing players out of position because i doubt they would know what to do when the manager doesn't ...
I will not change my mind about Moyes even if he wins the Champions League this season. If he does, it will be an accident, similar to how Chelsea won it agains...
7 months ago
Rooney in the hole is a waste of time. He doesn't have that movement about him to do that. He could do a job but not effective there i think. Either toss him up...
Gary Neville said this a few weeks back- It about getting the players he has to perform that is first order of operations and then looking at players to bring i...
11 months ago
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