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^ I think not
2 years ago
Whether he's keeping Martial out wide or not, Rooney shouldn't be on the pitch. He offers absolutely nothing up front. Do you not notice his slow movement, poor...
I really don't think so, but I suppose we're both biased lol
Man Utd Panic Scale: 1 Loss = Crisis 2 Losses = Catastrophe 3 Losses = Club collapse and administration
^ Wait...people still rent video games??
I believe Van Gaal must've been laid on his face as an infant, it's the only thing that would explain it's flatness lol
I just noticed Ivanovic has an 87 Defense rating on Fifa... I believe this to be some sort of cruel joke on Chelsea fans
Not well lol
I didn't realize I started a war lol. I didn't mean to say Wayne's record isn't a great achievement, rather to point out how exceptional Neymar is.
Let's be honest though, he got lucky to be on the cover lol He should be rated higher though. 50% of EA's ratings are usually BS
Everyone's talking about Rooney's 50th goal and all time leading goalscorer. Meanwhile Neymar already has 46 goals for Brazil
I was just saying this. Neymar is on a different level, all I can be is jealous of you guys lol
They took away Memphis's 5 Star Skills :'( What did he do to you EA? Smalling deserves way higher, and 81 pace is an insult to Darmian, but other than that we ...
The Fellaini cries are hilarious. If he starts people will say "LVG has us playing ugly Stoke football" and if he doesn't people will say "I can't believe LVG d...
He's a way better player than Welbeck anyways, even if you forget about finishing
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