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TOD has gotten really deep lately lmao
21 hours ago
If Perez hires Benitez, he's officially lost his mind.
2 days ago
Sorry I didn't notice you posted on my wall a couple months ago LOL. But it's going okay, I'm actually doing coaching stuff in Orlando now while going to Uni
Yea I think we kind of dropped off mentally after it became obvious we were going to make the champions league, but not challenge for the title. Looking forwar...
3 days ago
He's been imitating Moyes recently. "We were unlucky today" "I thought we played our best football"
@Tanmay Never! After a shaky start Lord Woody has become our most important asset!
5 days ago
I don't understand what's so funny. Di Maria's been benched by LVG and Young. It's not exactly a stretch to think Sterling could be either
^Especially because Hummels is injury prone. With our luck though, Jones will injure Otamendi in his first week of training
Sterling would end up on the bench at United. Between Depay, Young, Di Maria, Mata I just don't see it. Plus Januzaj could have a resurgence as well. I don't b...
Evans is our most experienced defender, he's won 3 Premier League titles, and has often been considered one of the most composed defenders around. So please, f...
Doesn't matter, they're absolute mugs, the pair of them.
6 days ago
If this happens I'll eat my hat. I swear, you can hold me to it
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