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For some reason the name makes him sound like a worse player lol
2 weeks ago
Lol Redface, great players are let go all the time. Di Maria was Madrid's best player many times last season.
Sponsorships always end at some point. I'd rather not have adidas though, puma preferably
3 weeks ago
The real issue here is not how long Neymar is out, but the refereeing. Disgusting challenges like that where happening all over the place with little to no puni...
One of the worst refereeing performances I've seen in a long time. He's just lucky more players didn't get injured since he had zero control over the game.
I think they'll start by alternating, with shaw eventually winning a mostly permanent starting position
1 month ago
Is Herrera really that good? Decent signing when compared to our midfield I guess, but he doesn't seem particularly special
Portugal were awful against Germany and they were awful tonight. Ronaldo's injury must really bring down the whole team USA played pretty well still
England will never learn will they?
Sneijder had his chance, and we have enough aging players as it is
Xavi and Xavi Alonso are Spain's main problem. An aging midfield past their best. Add in an inconsistent casillas and Van Gaals tactical genius, and the score i...
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Scholes leaves all of them in the dust, his skills were never fully appreciated by the English. Maybe if he could tackle they'd understand
Watch it. If you like it keep watching, If you don't then stop. Personally I'm not into it, but the acting and production is high quality for sure.
Yea I've always thought of Cesc as a CM... usually seen him play deeper and often playing longer Scholes esque passes
2 months ago
Orlando City 2015! :) Rio and the MLS are meant to be, as for Lampard I think he's got another year or two left in him. Maybe Everton will pick him up cheap or ...
Moyes shouldn't have been first, second, third, or fourth choice anyways. Hell, he shouldn't have even been on the list lol
Wow... those guys over at soccernews are real Einsteins aren't they
I think one of the main reasons Madrid won the Champions League year was because Ancelotti utilized Modric. He was always an amazing player, but Ancelotti unlik...
Kagawa should only have Mata to compete with for the No. 10 spot. Hopefully we'll get to see the best out of them with a proper system
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