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Is Blind a good buy for us? Better him than no one imo
1 hour ago
2 days ago
Kagawa should go, he never got a fair shot in his best position here and he won't anytime in the near future. It was kind of unfair that We bought Mata, it's li...
4 days ago
Please do, Shinji wants to play the No. 10 but we have Mata (who's amazing) to fill that spot. It's not really fair what happened to him, but I think it's best ...
Our new No. 7! Goes by Ángel! Our new lethal Weapon! It's his name we'll yell! And Old Trafford we'll deafen! lol if he comes and isn't No. 7
6 days ago
I'm so excited O_O
Rather see him there then a fletcher cleverly partnership
1 week ago
Tbh If I was a Real Madrid fan I would be so angry. You're letting go your best player for large parts of last season
So how about 60m for Di Maria, and we'll give you Anderson. (Please please take him I beg of you lol)
Rooney-RVP-Di Maria ------Mata-------- --Herrera--(mid needed)
Every now and then i wonder the main forums and see the last post posted 2 weeks ago. i think the site is going to stay like this forever lol but we share great...
It's a good deal! 16m in total for a promising defender is not a steep price in today's market at all
Why on earth would he take a helicopter from Portugal lol
At this point it's about as sure as can be without an official club statement lol. If we managed to screw up a deal where the player handed in a transfer reques...
Van Gaal said himself he knows where the squad needs to be improved. I don't believe for a second the we've just been "assessing the squad". Woodward has been t...
Some of you know there was a Man Utd Facebook group started with members from here when a certain user was banned from the site (long story). Anyways we have ov...
First world problems, so is almost every other issue we talk about lol
Fear not guys, prince Obertan is back playing against man city!
Lol it makes no sense to play a 442 when we have like 4 attacking mids. One of the many things Moyes seemed completely oblivious to especially after we got mata
No he probably won't start
2 weeks ago
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