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Sergio wrote in On ManUKs wall
Haven't seen u on the tube for a while, hope your well
2 days ago
He needs to stop breaking those kinds of records, they belong to Moyes
3 days ago
He's not crap, but he wouldn't be better than what we have
4 days ago
Sterling is English, therefore overrated. A few years from now people will realize he's not that good, and the pundits will be left talking about how he never l...
LOL Man City always getting screwed over by the draw. Uefa just doesn't like them
5 days ago
Really? I hadn't noticed :)
2 weeks ago
Mourinho sending Cech to sabotage Arsenal was a masterstroke. Well done guys ;)
3 weeks ago
I feel like everyone is getting Brendan or Jose lol. I got Mou as well, 90/100
1 month ago
Ironically I have that box checked, yet the video never plays for me lol
Never take preseason seriously guys. It has absolutely no bearing on how we'll play when the season starts.
I encourage you all to change your DP to Woodward, as such an achievement must be honored with a great gesture.
ManUK updated their profile
Useless, useless strikers everywhere
How would signing Benzema make you title favorites anyways? He's not Messi lol
Mata and Depay have the best consistency I believe. We should use Mata for close range and Depay for farther ones imo
Lads, it's been half a decade since I was satisfied with our midfield. Now I can finally watch a United game without worrying Carrick will get injured and ruin ...
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