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Benteke can win all the long balls he wants, but if we defend properly that means nothing. Either our players get the second ball or force him backwards. It's ...
Mata is still a world class CAM. Imo his current form isn't that far from his glory days at Chelsea, the main difference is that he has to share the spotlight m...
1 day ago
It's clearly Howard Webb's fault
1 week ago
Form is temporary, class is permanent. Fellaini doesn't have that class imo. He had a few good games, maybe he'll have a few more, maybe not. To me it doesn't r...
You should probably resist your Neuer urges… it's an unhealthy addiction :/
2 weeks ago
You have a weird obsession with this guy
3 weeks ago
Lets have an injury party!
4 weeks ago
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1 month ago
Calum Chambers is going to have nightmares of Montero tonight lol
Fellaini didn't play well today. He took a handful of awful touches and generally wasn't good on the ball. He provided an aerial presence on corners and that's ...
Dante was made to look good before by Martinez. Who was a beast at defensive mid
He's handsomely paid
Obviously you guys are favorites, but it's foolish to think you'll win easily away at any Premier League team. In our case, our attack is so stacked that they ...
It's mostly because Madrid is so ridiculously stacked. Any quality finisher will get goals when he's surrounded by Ronaldo, Bale, James, Modric, Kroos, and Isco
Agreed about the diamond formation. I also feel like Costa will play, it doesn't even matter if he's injured he'll still score somehow lol
2 months ago
I'm also mad, Bayern were too greedy and now Alaba won't get clean sheet points D: lol if only I predicted 7-1 before the game
7-1…Roma's had a few beatings in europe over the years
So... can we go back to the days when United and Arsenal fought for top spot?
Pep is a genius, and can certainly play more direct. When playing well, his teams have some of the best attacking movement I've ever seen. His teams at their pr...
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