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OT. Any tips for Halloween? Maybe I could go as Martinez
4 hours ago
ManOnDMoon gave the Brings/Lukas Podolski - Halleluja ft. Lukas Podolski video a rating of 1
At least the guy in your dp was a tactician. I didn't mind 3-5-2 and other stuff, sometimes it worked other times not, yayyyy who cares we have holistic now. Pe...
1 day ago
Oh dear god
2 days ago
I think some of you guys have an overly negative perception of both players commitment and what happened in the stadium of bubbles. First half: bad mostly bec...
4 days ago
ManOnDMoon gave the Real Madrid v Barcelona video a rating of 5
5 days ago
ManOnDMoon thought the Real Madrid v Barcelona match was awesome
I'm happy with the second half, we were just unlucky
6 days ago
I want a smashing come back and... no more f*****g bubbles
Agree. This formation is not working. To top it off West Ham play well, strange but true
Wenger cake...I'm scared
ManOnDMoon just became a Rival of Juventus
1 week ago
^exactly that's the whole point, they will come good, it's just it will take you a few years to challenge for the title again. If the club is not in a hurry the...
Lamela was a proven talent at Roma, maybe he should have stayed there 1-2 seasons before moving on.
At this stage in the club's progress we should have all the ones you name in the team, they should fully play FA Cup and carling cup and eased into minor league...
Another point is mentality. You buy small team mentality along with players from Sunderland, Southampton, Swansea or whatever. One or two are fine, Liverpool is...
They are all good players. Thing is, most of them are good players for a mid-table team. Not many of them would even make bench for Barca, Real or Bayern. I u...
Pirlo swapped shirts at half time. I'm not defending Balo, I just feel all the media talk is drawing people's attention away from the defeat and issues that rea...
I prefer THAT to the sound of Jamie Redknapp
Dzeko was unselfish on the first goal, many strikers would try to go for it themselves, but he served Aguero, that was the way it should be. Apart from that th...
Roma will win. Better them than you
Mourinho, Rodgers and Wenger are on a plane. The plane is running out of fuel and there are only 2 parachutes. Mourinho: "I'm too important I'm the Special One...
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ManOnDMoon thought the Parma v AC Milan match was awesome
ManOnDMoon thought the Milton Keynes Dons v Manchester United match was awesome
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