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ManOnDMoon Un amore così grande
1 day ago
Ouch wha', Is the clasico not on tonight? Edit: rag
Agreed. Silva is most in form, I f*****g knew it, we always drop points to Sunderland I want to throw the laptop out of the window
And the award for most boring game of the season goes to...
What the hell happened to Negredo, we know you're a beast
Leicester please sign me
2 days ago
Liverpool should be the ones parking the bus, they only need one point
I think this poll says a lot if you guys don't vote for your own club Edit: this was not directed at StageFright. the post just 'skipped'
Really curious to see this new sensation Scuffet tonight
3 days ago
If Chelsea park the bus in Anfield they will lose the game, that's my opinion
Is it such a bad thing if Kompany talks? He's the captain, it's just normal he represents the club and always does with class and many can envy his command of ...
4 days ago
The title is not gone. What is gone is the feeling it was in our hands. After the comeback we had good momentum to score the third. It could have gone either ...
Don't lose your head and start the hurt talk.
(piano intro) Imagine there's no ManU This year it's easy if you try No Chelsea & Pool above us Above us only sky Imagine Kun Aguerooo scoring 4 today yah-ha-...
At that stage you know Arsenal have stronger players to take penalties I was feeling the nightmare all over again, that's the thing; sorry for Rosler though
5 days ago
Wigan are like a wasabi biscuit
6 days ago
I saw it ScouserDan but I will keep the secret
Prophet this is a global site and, so, grammar mistakes are confusing and f*****g annoying. I'm a foreigner and I'm loosing my English If I'm alone, then mak...
1 week ago
Im lost, your lost, his lost, there lost
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