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ManOnDMoon Minkja Oh
2 days ago
Yeah they can take that microwave I just dumped in the hallway
I stated Di Stefano was better than Pelé. Who am I?
Name a player who has been a 100 metres champion before playing for a top Premier League team
Thanks for reporting the spam comment mate! We're all sick and tired of kitchens by now, lol
Name a player who won 2 Serie A titles with two different teams without even playing for Milan-Inter-Juventus
Manchester City v. Swansea City 2-0 Chelsea v. West Bromwich Albion 4-0 Arsenal v. Manchester United 4-3 Crystal Palace v. Liverpool 0-1 Hull City v. Tottenham...
My general feeling about the forums is fans of some teams need to go to specsavers. They have a distorted view of what will shape up in the next two months
Totally on spot Moe. Suarez will end up like another Ibra signing
Moe, first off Pellegrini was a long term interim manager, second: I don't believe he has any decision making on who is signed in January And third...if we drop...
De Sciglio plays well both at RB and LB, that's a nice bonus. I think he should have developed at RB but Abate played there, so.. I'm not too sure about where ...
3 days ago
No Serie A team can afford Yaya's wages
4 days ago
I hope our boys have more confidence than what is on display here.
5 days ago
When David Silva was asked why he does better in The PL he said the exact same thing (less defensive league and more space) and nobody found him arrogant for st...
1 week ago
A picture of Txiki, Ferran and Mancini sitting at the same table: priceless. For the rest there better be 30m on mastercard
Brace yourselves, Mancini is going to be linked with all City players, past and present, from now till the end of the transfer window. I've already seen sugges...
Was BlueMoon's post meant to be...sarcastic? Tomikato there is practically no more trolling between City and United, not in ages, that is a miracle and can only...
They literally sacked him the day after winning the league, wow all the best to you Mancio. we are rivals now
#AskJesus is exposed to numberless jokes. I wish I'd been on that one. I hate twitter - always get the best of it from any other source Are you guys on twitter,...
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