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I don't believe in "we don't sack manager" motto. He was probably not sacked before solely based on financial reasons. I admit I feel sympathy for the man, pro...
19 hours ago
If Liverpool beat Chelsea I throw the towel. Otherwise no. We win all games and most likely the league on goal difference
20 hours ago
Jeroen, Chelsea needs to win on Sunday, why would they play for a draw?
1 day ago
Conte is underrated. He has the right amount of positive arrogance and a huge hair dryer (probably too much for the Premier league), he knows how to rebuild a t...
KingLucas accepted a bet. If we lose to Palace I will change my profile pic to a naked pic of Tony Pulis for 1 week. But if we win, he will
Great :D
LastGrasp Since money is a concern I will put it this way. Suppose Ozil wins the WC with Germany. Or just scores some goals. Arsenal gains immense worldwide pre...
I've never felt more on topic. Anyone with a minimum of European perspective on the subject should consider WC and Euros more prestigious than club football. T...
2 days ago
I'm shocked by your post LastGrasp. Nothing is more important in the whole solar system than the national team No-thing
@KingLucas just to have a bet - 1 week to wear the picture?
It will be almost impossible for Vinnie to top his performance of the title season, I feel he's always compared to that in our expectations. Now he's just more ...
^No way. If we lose at Palace I will change my dp to that naked picture of Pulis. But if we win, you do KingLucas. Deal?
Look, Mancini had 4 years on his contract when sacked and you didn't see him eating pizza in Napoli for too long. One other aspect to consider, maybe, is that i...
Demichelis man of the match :)
@Rustic Not even the club website knew he was injured. It came out "after"
Tony Pulis would get better results that's for sure
I'm sure clubs have legal precautions to get out of such contracts. They will pay him an extra 6 months or so. Unless he claims unfair dismissal
Imagine if...he's not sacked after all that media pomp
3 days ago
Will have to agree with most of that, except for the title. "Collapse" is ridiculous, we can still win. The last time journos started writing analysis of our "c...
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