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Good news bro
3 days ago
Great news about Rojo don't know much about him but sounds like a great addition. Without sounding greedy but do you guys think thats it? Or do you think we wi...
Lets just hope that tomorrow we wake up to some good news.
4 days ago
Lol @ the video at the top about the Swansea game and the Ed woodward Rant. The bit about Cleverly is Spot on: " Cleverley...Why are you still here? Don't get...
@ Beatmaboxes Haha priceless!
Big difference people would probably have stood by Moyes had he taken a title winning side and finished top 4 or win a trophy. instead we finished 7th only mana...
Hangs around like a bad smell!
@ Somere In your opinion, Though I don't see how you can categorise an entire fan base with that sweeping assesement? I believe most fans were disappointed wit...
Sad and pathetic is a bit harsh man, but no doubt we are far too sentimental as a club about certain players and then other players were never even good enough ...
5 days ago
This sux! Dropping like flies already, only a matter of time before Jones gets added to that list. I'm not sure Reece James is ready, think he needs a loan mo...
1 week ago
Hahahahahahahahahah i love it
Negative, just no need, he barely has had one season. Cleverly and Young deserve more jeering not that I agree with that sort of thing.
The fans are taking the piss out of Fellaini??? no need for that...
The link will be available one hour before the KO only!
Dudes any chance of a link on my wall for the game tonight? please
Awesome news
Well in theory it makes sense for both clubs; We are over stacked up front and by swapping Hernandez + Cash for Vidal we would be bringing "balance" to the squ...
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