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Kompany is injury prone and he gets few red cards during the season, Demichilis is old tire we never know he may be punctured at any point. If both of them get ...
1 day ago
Thanks Footy and Moe. I agree Natalie is good looking but Nicola has innocent face and I like her laughing style so I just miss her smiles in our website videos...
3 days ago
@Footy, I logged in to say exact same words, how did you read my minds? :) Guys, anybody knows where is our City TV reporter of last season who used to intervi...
He did more than birthday cake boy in this game. He made some successful long passes, run from the midfield to forward area, in some occasions he was our furth...
1 week ago
It's a little trophy too, it would be better if we won it and keep great momentum for start of PL.
MP "We played too slow in first half, that's not our pace, I do not know why? I need to ask with players. We did not play pre-season on that pace and all playe...
@Sky.., Rodwell gone to Sunderland but Garcia is there and expected to leave. I meant he is better than those 2 and is good enough to be on substitute bench no ...
It seems our f*****g pre-season is not good enough. The players even who were in the preseason from very beginning were not sharp. Example Fernando, Navas, Jove...
It's not only Center half. It's our birthday cake boy and octopus who watched few times Sanchez and Ramsy running in front of them. It seems our players do not...
He just comes deep and tries to go inside of midfield so he is almost no effective. Last season at the beginning Navas was better than Milner since then it's ...
What the heck? Navas cannot run past 1 player. Why he does no try to do that? He is anonymous.
- Motive to join City over Real Madrid and Barcelona "I had offer from Real Madrid and Barcelona but I decided to come to City because I thought I would lear...
2 weeks ago
I think it is just to fill out home grown quota.
3:00 PM
I heard commentator saying he is right footed left full back so it may suit him at right back. As soon as Richards came our defense look shaky at right side an...
3 weeks ago
Zuculini any day ahead of Garcia and Rodgwell at center midfield. On every attacking move he was on the Penalty box. He can replace arrogant Toure in 2 yrs time...
Personally I don't want him in City shirt and my heart does not respect/forgive him even if he gets us PL, CL, FA cup, Capital one cup this season.
We learnt Iheanacho is worth a permit on talent alone. We also learnt, that our fringe squad, is better than the dark sides first team - Mark Beaumont's comment...
I believe he is 17 but his countryman says they(in Africa) do not have any DOB record and they usually lie. He is Chelsea supporter and he even says his country...
4 weeks ago
Don't we have any EDS right back? Why MP plays Clichy at right back, instead of giving chance to some young boys.
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