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Where was kaka in that game?!...........oh....ehm....
6 years ago
I went to a whorehouse and asked for their cheapest bitch...they gave me MichaelsC!
1. keep up the good work Valdez! lol 2. keep up the good work ref! 3. hey piquet...have fun with Shakira next weekend! 4. Xavi is great! 5. Iniesta is the m...
There would have been at least 1 assist by Torres!...just let him play and get a new midfield!
Breathe premier league breathe! lol
Van persie is gay!
Omg what the f**k is that? UEFA shouldn't allow russian teams to play in CPL.....go make your own champions league with some polar bears and eskimos!...
Hell no?!! Italians are now manipulating CL-games too?!
The only reason I came here is because I wanted to see if torres has scored...I really dunno why I'm always shocked after I see that he didn't..ôÔ...
Wtf? why don't they let torres shoot the penalties? It's not a secret anymore that he needs more confidence...
It's okay he's talking about atletico vs espanyol! lol
Somehow...manu games aren't that fun for me to watch as they used to...I hope ferguson will get some crazy ass midfielders and an appropriate goalkeeper soon...
1. I'm not mad at the ref...he did a good job...el clasicos aren't that easy! 2. We need Kaka, Özil and Benz in the starting line! 3. Pepe = bad character +...
I'm sure that is the only highlight!
HAHA! great mentality! HALA MADRID!!!
How did torres perform?
Somehow I still believe in torres...2012 is going to be his year!
Chelsea will always be a big mystery to me!
Haha cristianooo! bam bam bam bam!!
OMG why do people say that cristiano sucks in big games? He scored in a champions league final vs chelsea....he scored vs milan...he scored vs lyon...he probabl...
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