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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Ya no f*****g card for Modrc , easily could have got 2 yellows so far
2 minutes ago
This might not sound good but I serious think we need either Pedro for Suarez or rakitick for Xavi to hold Marcelo
3 minutes ago
I know piqué was at fault but you can't reall do much to control your fall , but to say dani is playing good is absolute joke I guess dani was on beach when ...
9 minutes ago
Can't say that for carvajal , he is been more of a balancing act for them . Marcelo is getting great help from have no pure right sided attacker , both messi an...
13 minutes ago
Marcelo is tearing apart Dani on right hand side :/
25 minutes ago
No goals yet for messi but he is owing whole Madrid team :D
29 minutes ago
Don't be surprised if we get a red card and penaldo gets a penalty
35 minutes ago
In all fairness just moments earlier Pk kind off dragged benzema
36 minutes ago
Ya no card for kross , welcome to capital club
37 minutes ago
WTF first foul and yellow card , is Franco around ?
49 minutes ago
And let the diving commence !!! And messi need to calm the s**t down
53 minutes ago
Neymaaaaaaaarrrrr Goalazooooooooolol
58 minutes ago
Sorry I meant LB But ya it's more balancing to have mathieu on LB and Alves on Right an I bet this decision also influenced selection of Xavi ahead of Ivan ...
1 hour ago
No rakitck , alba ? Matthieu as Rb Suarez starting ? I'm lost
If both teams are still in CL during 2nd clasico time , Barcelona will get one day extra to play . If I'm not wrong same happened in last few seasons too
9 hours ago Clasico preview ;)
17 hours ago
Hell ? Lol more like messi's favorite 2nd home ground
18 hours ago
Spokesperson FIFA: "Luis Suarez can play official games for Barcelona starting on 25 October. His ban ends on 24 October at midnight." note: real madrid-co...
@rajmahal , you really don't know your fellow EPL fans , lets drop that . And I do agree Laliga is better in quality and EPL is more entertaining , but comp...
1 day ago
Wtf Lamela !!!! Can't understand on how that shoot generated so much power
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