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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Forgetting Masip ? It will be a 3 way battle to decide who will be number 1 , I think we won't have a fixed number 1 not at least for this upcoming season , m...
2 hours ago
Slim , I'm not sure now who is trying to just post what ever they want rather then REPLAY , just like pique and Tata had no business boosting about our beliefs ...
@Pejvil & Slim , it will be foolish to not to accept that our current management had made a joke of our club beliefs . But its you guys that are failing to und...
3 hours ago
Why i'm not even surprised . I know its not that hard for you to understand that essence of my post was that its not correct that a Madrid fan is complaining a...
4 hours ago
Well congratulation on signing Sanchez even after my repeated warnings about him , just make sure to make him a beast in a season or two , so we can start with ...
5 hours ago
Just make sure to go through with this line again 'was ALSO in response to all the whining done by YOU and YOUR fellow madridsta's over Suarez deal earlier' ...
But rosicky is good :'(
6 hours ago
Im sorry , i failed to mention that this was also in response to all the whining done by you and your fellow madridsta's over Suarez deal earlier . Even if you...
@alf , 3rd place match will be the most attacking game Imo , both Brazil and Netherlands have nothing to loss so most probably the will want to end their campai...
7 hours ago
Surely we will spend more then that but my problem is that currently we are working on very less CB option , currently its just marquinhos & mathieu , both club...
Wooo RM fan speaking about shame and morals let me remind you something , Pepe , Ramos , Marcelo , Arbelo , xabi they all still play for the angel club , Suar...
Guys just calm down it just the jealously that we got a player that madrid drooled for over a year now https:/...
AW gonna speak to Khedira ? well where are ' welcome Khedira ' posts and videos ?
20 hours ago
Not exactly teja , at time its more then fans , its everybody associated with club its President , management , media & fans . Im sure now starting from tomorro...
LMAO Tomikato
21 hours ago
@SKool , i love sanchez , but dont expect that :p Maybe RVP ?
22 hours ago
I agree , from few seasons now both Barcelona and Madrid management are locked in a ' who had the bigger dick contest ' they bought Ronald for highest fee and w...
It's not like that , he is the best player in his position and easily current number 3rd after messi and Ronaldo . Problem is that we still believe Sanchez + 50...
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