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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Lol pejvl you clearly have missed Ronaldo fan gassing on about his poor WC because of injury , thing is messi was out at the time of the year which is one o...
1 hour ago
Well that was clearly obvious
Lol jeroen stop using IE , haven't you heard of steal of the century our board pulled during this transfer window in form of douglas ?
4 hours ago
Lol realfan , perhaps watching messi play before making such comment will be do little good for you , apart from the period in which he was carrying an injury a...
Bojan ( ex scout ) broke this news of us rejecting both of them , but don't worry we just bought next cafu :D
@TOD , that's the biggest misconception about Islam , it's not strict or can not be forced upon but thanks to media and so called extremist groups , it's now ve...
10 hours ago
First of all its Muslim not moslem . And no , who told you it's haram under Muslim religion ? infact you will find lots of arab marrying someone in their fam...
12 hours ago
@yousif , oh sorry I forgot in your world we have fountain of youth which keeps people at same age , thus they keep on performing at same level , I wonder why o...
14 hours ago
Oh it seems I missed a big chunk of Barcelona matches during last few season in which Montana was give number of chance in which he failed to prove anything , b...
@badge , early report is that bench time served him well . Pique recovered 19 balls and lost none in both of the matches he played after being benched , we c...
Carrasco (agent Montoya): "Luis Enrique said he's behind Alves and Douglas. And even Adriano seems ahead now. We want permanent transfer." Carrasco (agent Mo...
Boooo CL Here is some real football news
1 day ago
But but , Spanish team only know how to attack their defending is joke ;)
He score when he wants he score when he wants yaya sanogo he scores when want
2 days ago
He score when he wants he score when he wants yaya sanogo he scores when want
Sorry mate I couldn't get Matt to reset your window. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't leave tentative changes overnight next time :(
Next will be hatick with head
@Sif , He had a trial with us but nothing much happend after that , TBH I tried to follow this kids transfer but soon had to give up after he was apparently sig...
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