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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Superb first touch from him and didnt go all selfish. He is coming back !!!!
2 days ago
@Thecount9010, how does real fan come to complain about pep complaining about Atleti pitch ? How does Xavi come in to all this ? EXACTLY !!!!
OFFICIAL: Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that Mats Hummels wants to join Bayern Munich next season. :/ This one feels way more worse then Gotze & Lewandowski...
Not really 4Ever , Villarreal were good shout before the Intl break after that they have been shaky , especially in defense. Solid defense was the main reason ...
People turn a blind eye to Barca & Real ? Lol Actually it's other way around , fans are more forgiving when it comes to Atleti because of there "Minnow" statu...
Well atleast it's better then widening the playing area to help you against might wolfsburg ;)
So ronaldo is out of Real trip to Anoeta , only if Sociedad put half of effort they put against us , they will have reasonable chance to get something off Real....
3 days ago
@Coorper, I doubt there is any professional football team that can claim that their players have never went down easily or simulated, only difference is that al...
Exactly Cloudst , if you follow them close you can see they're quite different from an actual fairytale (something which BVB did). Today Simeon got 3 match ba...
^ lol mate if I was incharge of Barca transfers dealing then he would have never joined barca because I would have used money paid for him , Mathieu & lord Doug...
It's just a buy option we have on him , he need to accept the move in order to make the deal work , i doubt he would agree to leave his starter status and accep...
F*****g UEFALONA forcing Ref to say this all
BTW we have first option on Saul for 45M Euros thanks to that Villa deal , Saul progression this season make it very tempting option.
@Drak , There is no need to be a Dick about it , I just posted a rumor and stated a fact , no one is enforcing Vermaelen on you or on Liverpool.
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