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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
Recent Activity Clasico preview ;)
7 hours ago
Hell ? Lol more like messi's favorite 2nd home ground
8 hours ago
Spokesperson FIFA: "Luis Suarez can play official games for Barcelona starting on 25 October. His ban ends on 24 October at midnight." note: real madrid-co...
21 hours ago
@rajmahal , you really don't know your fellow EPL fans , lets drop that . And I do agree Laliga is better in quality and EPL is more entertaining , but comp...
1 day ago
Wtf Lamela !!!! Can't understand on how that shoot generated so much power
Finally Rajmahal , wonder what took you so long . Now before i replay to anything just reread what i posted , in my first sentence i used words fanboys and even...
@tanmay , i agree with your point but that will be only valid if the contract united offered his is for a season , that will be best scenario for him @4ever ,...
Official: Man United have offered former Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes (32) to complete his rehabilitation from a knee injury in Manchester Valdes is already ...
I still think he likes Barcelona & what he did during his tenure at Madrid was in revenge of rejecting him in favor of a non proven manager
I don't know if you guys have noticed it but snadro have added something different to this team when ever he got subbed in , as soon as he enters pitch our atta...
I second that Jeroen , he is one of the few English analyst which can be taken seriously and ya you're damn right that's because of time he spend at Barcelona ;...
2 days ago
@4ever , his problem is not adoption his problem is lack of effort , when things aren't going your way you should try and put effort to do put some sort of cont...
Gary Lineker tweeted this during the match . " We might have to stop pretending that the Premier League's the strongest in the world. Most entertaining it may ...
No , that ice bag this is for kindoff relaxing
Deserving or not that arguable but you guys need some diciplin at back , reminds me of our poor defending of last 2 season , rule back then was Every high bal...
Man mignolet is been quite s**t this season , he can be blamed for all 3 goals Atleast BVB are leading , goal and assist from Reus and 2 for Auba :')
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