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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Can't believe I actually wasted my time explaining that guy on how news reporting works.
2 days ago
^ well this means neymar will stay for foreseeable future :)
4 days ago
@Xgooner, Lol again this s**t ? How many of your players or for that matter barca other transfers targets were tapped ? It was just Cesc and no one else. BTW t...
@Franky, before you reply watch and learn from this.
5 days ago
^ it's not just about the corners, we have conceded some sloppy goal through set pieces, including the equalizer in clasico. We also conceded some poor goals ...
Lots of chatter about Wenger signing an year extension, now its even getting tiring for neutrals too :/
6 days ago
During Lucho first two seasons we drastically improved in our defending of set pieces, unzue was and still is in charge of that department and he gathered lots ...
I never understood logic of "fans should boycott the match if they have some issue" How hard is to understand that arsenal in not just a local club which will...
F*****g finally
WTF is wrong with our Mids, Both Gomes and Rakitick had clear chance to take a shoot but they decided to square it for someone else
Not gonna lie, Munir is playing like peak ex real players, he don't want to hurt us, any other player would have surely scored another couple of goals.
Poor allocation in all fairness, how do you expect guy of Rakitic physic challenge mangala
^ so do you really think there are some fans that think cross and hope are pretty ? Don't confuse necessitate with pretty. BTW still waiting for you answer to ...
The way Bilbao played yesterday, If we hire Valverde we will also turn in cross and hope FC :/
1 week ago
From what i have seen of him, yes he is worth the risk we will take by buying him. He provides the control in middle of the park which he have lacked of late (r...
FFS !! Other big clubs are starting to take interest in roque mesa from Las Palmas. If we aren't buying thiago or verrati then he should be our first option.
Hikmat, what happened is that lots of people started to notice a trend in draws which includes real super luck for ages, there are actual news which investigate...
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