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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Official: FIFA reject appeal of Barcelona against transfer ban, Barcelona won't be able to sign players in the next two transfer windows note: barcelona's tran...
2 hours ago
No, it's the same for every PRO+ user right now. It's an issue that hopefully gets resolved sooner rather than later.
3 hours ago
If this happens
6 hours ago
Sure it way to difficult to press 3 or 4 mouse clicks Here this is what happened . ------------------------------------------ my 2nd unrelated post Malik(B...
Biting someone on shoulder is much dangerous then trying to break someone's nose , its a physical sport , man up !!!!!!!
7 hours ago
Franky with deulofeu gone , i'm sure Haddadi & Traoré will get lot more minutes , i'm not sure about sending our players on loan , especially when the clubs do...
Http:// I presume this is what your post was about F4f . It funny no ? that majority of madridsta were of the idea that Sua...
Hi Jereon , Just curious if you can use your emergency transfer , it says i have 2 emergency transfer but i don't have any link or button to activate it , may...
Aye. Didn't get a chance to reply to my wall regarding your question. If I recall, your post in question could be interpreted as being sexist. It was a bit nea...
8 hours ago
@Hikmat , i guess i have posted the most number of comments on ' recovering transfer money through shirt sale ' stupidity , but apparently you haven't read a s...
@ Asasi , Not Spanish media , to be precise they're known as Madrid mouthpiece " marca " & it was not just them it was reported by majority of media outlets . ...
15 hours ago
Please don't fool yourselves , as soon as AM showed their dick to perez when he went to them for falcao , he only had one striker who could fill his shirt sale ...
16 hours ago
Song will leave before end of this window & Masch will share min with Busi , as things stand this will be my ranking of our CB bartra > mathieu > Pique > vermae...
17 hours ago
For about 2 seasons this hypocrite drooled over possibility of buying Suarez .
So Barcelona didn't wish me happy birthday , nor they bought any cake for me , should i be already contacting Madrid based clubs ?
First of all , i apologize for generalizing the whole base , not all the fans were against Cesc signing . Now i don't understand how Cesc transfer can be compa...
I guess i have to look for posts on same topic during the time when mata was Chelsea best player while cesc was topping the assist record with Barcelona :p
I'm sure if these pundits were analyzing match from Saudi premier league , they will still manage to mention arsenal somehow . They're obsessed with you guys ....
1 day ago
Funny how Chelsea fan didn't wanted to see Cesc playing for them and now they're just adoring him .
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