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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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In future this page will be considered as biggest mistake by FT god's
1 day ago
Best one for me is Real's 3rd kit -_- Dortmund home AS Roma away Roma 3rd ( plan and simple but looks amazing )
Ajax fans with some cheeky banners
LOOOOOOOOL Ajax fans with some cheeky banners
@Badge , you think that's bad ? I have subo in my team but just before the game i deiced to bench him in favor of sequiria & cole , guess what neither of them p...
It will all boil down to that Roma vs city tie's , but ATM if i was to place a bet , it has to Roma , they started season strongly while city is yet to find the...
No zizoo , guys with Leverkusen players are saying that the extra points has been removed , only issue now is that bayern players points are also reduced , once...
@alf , not only that , he missed a very good chance too :p January's fast approaching !!!! I like him but cant see him performing amazingly for Chelsea :/
Not really , bravo pulled a decent save during early stages of our last match vs Bilbao
2 days ago
Http:// Yall need to see this ;)
Pique connect a high ball LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL i hope now people start calling him greatest defender of all tim...
Roma causing havoc 3 goals already
@Alexis , i thought same initially , but it says ' fastest player of the squad' Perhaps mistake from barcastuff while translating the news ?
Here forever Do you want me to put ' Do not disturb ' sign or ... ;)
Yup bit risky , but i think samper will be fine Rumors are that Xavi - Rakitic will play in holding midfield role , maybe we will see this today ? Xavi - Rak...
Squad (vs APOEL): Bravo, Ter Stegen, Alves, Douglas, Bartra, Pique, Mathieu, Adriano, Samper #fcblive Squad (vs APOEL): Rakitic, Xavi, Sergi Roberto, Inies...
Damn , i really forgot about our energizer bunny :p Still cant believe that he won the test , especially with his huge built . Edit - FT glitch strikes agai...
11 Apps and 111 goals ? i must be watching Barcelona B this whole years . He is a good player but sadly lost his way after that glorious season , surprisingly...
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