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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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Literally I hope this lady brings a huge dildo or rod and shove it up your ass , WTF is wrong with you ? You ass hole , you're just spaming every board with sam...
22 minutes ago
LOL didn't most of you guys argued that Liverpool shouldn't be punished for the act he did while on international duty when he was still on pool's book ? now Sa...
7 hours ago
Calendar: Barcelona games 2014/2015 season note: if suarez' 4-month ban is upheld, his first game (wit...
10 hours ago
@JRaty , sorry buddy , cant understand the 3M wage effect , in net we will have to pay this 20M transfer fee + his wages over the period for which he stays with...
^ more like 2 M upfront and balance 3 m in future sales & first refusal on some kids
Official: Barcelona pay 20M for Valencia defender Jeremy Mathieu (30), who will sign a contract of 4+1 years, 50M buyout fee #fcblive Official: Valencia confir...
Mixed reports on Mathieu , few reports suggest after Barcelona and Valencia failed to reach an agreement , Mathieu will join Valencia for South American tour a...
Georgios Spanoudakis -_-
2 days ago
@pejvi , every club loss players for unexpected reason , remember ozil ? i bet no one could have predicted that he will leave madrid anytime soon , same can be ...
Which one ? for god's sakes dont tell me bojan :D
@4ever , don't worry buddy , he just hate everything associated with our club , from payers to management , fans everything
He had offer from deportivo and he wanted to stay in Spain but had to prefer stoke over deportivo because of their financial woes Btw we sold Muniesa to stoke...
Not just As Rac & ( more importantly ) catradio also confirm that enrique conviced xavi to stay for another year
Bale is understandable but ronaldo ? really ? Elclasico just got more expensive
And its official James Rodriguez to Madrid for reported (80 million euros (£63m) , which makes him fourth (or fifth if neymar is included )most expensive trans...
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