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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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@J , Anyway in which we can vent out our frustration on Developers of site , obviously without getting banned ?
8 hours ago
@SIF , whats surprising in what we're doing ? if you haven't noticed all top club does this , especially when it comes to top 4 clubs in terms of revenue and su...
Just read an article which says that Chile are trying out some tactics on PS4 to see if they can stop messi :p
Although both milan teams are buying players i don't think either will pose a serious threat to you guys , not atleast next season , it will be way to early for...
Woo Da f**k happened :/ just read Cloudst & Zilch posts , i knew they were irritated by the lack of development and decline in number of good conversations but ...
Yes you're still rash gullible idiot because we're not " buying everybody " ( like you said ) turan & pogba both won't join Barcelona . Also why this hypocris...
10 hours ago
Braida (adviser): "My dear friend Marotta has officially rejected the bid for Pogba. It doesn't end here, but now there are first elections" It seems now both ...
13 hours ago
Also arbeloa have more WC ,medal then both Messi and ronaldo combined :p All hail Lord arbeloa
19 hours ago
^ heavy breathing ;)
Lol I don't have PayPal , not sure if I want to make one for DF :p
^ Chelsea get more hate for spending because of Roman's money , just like diver tag will stay with busquets throughout his playing career ( even tho he don't di...
Caplampard , facepalm !!!! Since tanmay already posted the reason of ban , let me tell you Spanish media is equally bad and if not for ignorance of English fan...
Lol ya just like we already bought both of them and I'm sure most of you know that won't happen , either of one at best . If we gonna base everything on rumou...
1 day ago
He really seems determined to make it at Madrid , during the season I really thought he would consider leaving but now I don't think so .
Messi is playing even further deep for Argentina , during last match at times he was even behind mascherano , he is their main playmaker & also Di Maria is play...
Tho transfer season is still young but Seria A so far is leading with most money spend 0_o
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