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4 years ago
Welcome to Croatia! 1-1 nije niko za sluzijo bolje. Torcida se cuje u Australiji djesi moji modri nisu jim dali ni u stadion>
7 years ago
Why are we starting Jovanovic? Why do we have him has anyone looked up his stats? App Gls 1999–2003 Vojvodina 43 (10) 2003–2004 S...
Well done to zee Germans recon they coulda gone all the way if Muller played...
Chaconche "I guess I am one of the few who think what Suarez did for his country was genius." (Display pic: messi argo jersey) dont feel so left out chaconche t...
Chaconche "I guess I am one of the few who think what Suarez did for his country was genius." (Display pic: messi argo jersey) dont feel so left out chaconche ...
Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!
What did you guys seriously expect another italy showing? Portugal is a european powerhouse and asian football light years away from South America let alone Eur...
8 years ago
Brazil were awesome can i just say WOW at the first goal first post power drive finish by L.Fabiano WOW! Apart from the apparent handball second goal was good. ...
Well done to nz! italy is pathetic kind of embarrassing that kind of embarrassment were you feel embarrassed for the other person, worst kind...
Paraguay is playing good football the type of football that can push the envelope for the so called "dark horse" for the 2010 wc
Fala Jarane samo se sjeban sto navijas za srbski Manchester !
France were france and by that i mean crap. They shouldn't even be in the world cup to begin with. Well dont to mehico
Nigeria were unlucky the idiot with the red card should be publicly executed cost his country a place in the 2nd round other wise nigeria were better. greece we...
Last goal was awesome build up don't know about maradona coaching though still not convincing me. I think the goals are a a result of the player class who could...
GoooooOOOOoooOAL! sinko sinko dinko el a pana de mayko, Maicon defied gravity top draw goal!
Clear hand ball, kisa pada kisa pada...
Everyone talking about the german youth? klose 32, podolski 25, cacau 29, Thomas Müller 20 (only young one) the scorers. Its not just youth its a balance of ex...
Nice tattoo!
Korea did good not surprised at all the only surprise is Greece qualifying. I still blush as a european when i think about 2004 euro. Funny that their tactics d...
One thing though Stevie G is the man!
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