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Jandito, don´t go disrespecting Mr.Bean.. He´s a legend, Cristiano isn´t.
6 years ago
To all Madrid fans giving Barca credit where credit is due, good on you. Good sportmanship. But, to the dillusional madrid fans that were 100% sure madrid was ...
Ummm... madrid played levante and they lost.. barca won 5-0. So yea, are you trying to make a point here? Stop with the dumb facts. Madrid no doubt is playing g...
Inconsistent? All great football analyst say he is one of the most consistent player in the history of football. Maradona had great highlights, but what maradon...
It´s been 2 years... are you in the promise land yet? barca is beyond that
Just adding to my previous comment, Messi is only 24.. he´s a got a lot of great football in him and he will become better even though that sound unrealistic.....
Wow, this messi played for one team crap is just a lame excuse.. let´s look at basketball. Michael Jordan in his prime played for 1 team only before he retired...
ACM77, yes we admit, Madrid has a better history than barcelona, but that doesnt mean they´re better now... Who ever came up with this logic is just.. let´s s...
Congratulations on copa del rey, that will be the only cup you guys will be celebrating for the next few years.. Also, thanks for crushing it, madrid didnt win ...
Barca won with class, 5-0 and a historical goal for messi. Give credit where credit is due. Also, barca fans are cocky? We didnt lose against levante...The last...
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