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Greizmann :'( Was an impossible dream. But it was fun while it lasted. lol.
1 hour ago
If Fazio comes in, he'll feel even more at home. Someone on the fringes of their country's national squad and trying to break in, in a foreign league... just ha...
I'm glad there's one person atleast who knows of the player and is excited by the prospect of Fazio joining. I admit I have never seen him play and there aren't...
I hear ya, Frank and Fay. I know I'm in a minority. It really isn't about that flick. I just don't rate him as a defender and think his positional senses are wa...
12 hours ago
I might be in the minority, but I'm in a bit of a celebratory mood. High chance of Vlad being sold and Depay just signed a new contract at PSV (really didn't wa...
14 hours ago
It is the silly season. My sense of (basically non existent) humour basically goes afk to take a dump on one of Saturn's many moons. Not a wonder I didn't get t...
17 hours ago
Well, fifa always has the habit of overrating players from the EPL and they barely do any research. They still have Dembele with his CAM stats and no defensive ...
Indeed. He was wasted at QPR with the "go play a bit" tactics of 'Arry. This will do his confidence a lot of good, even if he gets to play just 15-20 games, it ...
18 hours ago
Woah. Swansea loaned Carroll. What's this? Transfer news under our noses day?
20 hours ago
Emery on Fazio today: "Fazio has little or no chance to be with us tomorrow. Fazio's departure makes us happy for him. The side effects of this is to win title...
Fazio is the latest link. 10 million Euros buyout clause is the word going around, and I don't know much about him. Unlike Musacchio, I've never seen Fazio in a...
21 hours ago
I'm just glad there are thousands of KM between my house and him. Diwali (Indian festival of lights with billions of fireworks) coming up here, and I won't feel...
Wouldn't your name "thebatman" ruin the song? Imagine that? LALALALA THE BATMAN! LALALALA. Not as good as just having "Batman" in there :P
Holtby reminds me of a vicious dog charging at a burglar to get back what's stolen. He does a full sprint towards the player and it is next to impossible to det...
The first goal had a really good run from Chadli too, but it was overshadowed by the quality of Lamela's pass and Soldado's Volley. The second would not be poss...
Oy, Sir Derpington! Do the honours please.
1 day ago
Hah. You beat me to it. But both goals were absolutely fantastic!
I've been going on and on about Soldado needing crosses in front of him to volley, and him being a volley specialist ever since he signed. And that's exactly ho...
Lol. We had a phenomenal stream. So good, that we did a bit of time travel at the 72nd minute and landed on the 85th minute. @Suraj: we were quite ordinary thr...
No coincidence that Paulinho and Townsend have gone off and we've scored, created and played much better.
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