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Boo boys? Do you even have an inkling of what you're saying? When have I at any point booed the club during a game? Just because I'm unhappy about something tha...
3 months ago
Apparently, saying Sandro is a good player is claiming we're delusional. Yet, Capoue and Lamela can come back from a season long injury without a question raise...
Where in my post have I said Sandro is a world class CDM? Kinda ridiculous to tell me that I'm over exaggerating when you have decided to do that on my behalf. ...
Bentaleb was in the youth squad, Kane was out on loan, Rose was out on loan. Naughton was out on loan 3 years ago. Townsend was on loan. I don't think it is abo...
We've let go Sandro and Holtby and brought in a bit part player from league one. There's no f*****g way that he is is a better option than Sandro. If game time ...
Totally :D
4 months ago
Too pissed off imagining the worst with regards to player sales. Going on swearing rampages that are even worse than SS's swearing against Jorge Jesus. I'll pro...
Videogame music is awesome :D
Make it move faster, Batman. Turn into superman. Turn the world forward or some s**t.
This is my worst nightmare. Sandro, Holtby... and linked with the likes of Song and Walbeck and buying some weird guy who is probably a stop gap till we get a b...
To asnwer your question below, Rogue...Cloudst and Thirteengoals both follow League 1. Cloudst's opinion is that Stambouli's not good enough for our level and T...
Http:// What? When? Who? How? Stumped here!
Saw this. lol. Pretty funny.
Koeman can shut the f**k up. Hypocrite. Poch never uttered a word about Schneiderlin and has remained classy throughout, but Koeman has been increasingly vocal ...
We don't have anyone even remotely close to what Holtby offers as an impact sub. But it seems that he wants to be playing regularly, and I'm incredibly saddened...
Agreed, Amp.There is a lot of English bias for the National team. It isn't healthy, I tell ya.
I've never had a problem with the "its just a job", Amp. I rather admired it and his honesty about how he approaches football. I refer to his incidents surround...
Oops. Lol. Sorry Paddy. Slipped my mind! I've seen a whole bunch of 3-1 jinxes by you before, so maybe it was self def at a subconscious level! Apparently, V...
The signings all made sense. 1) Dier: Young, English and looks to have a composed way of approaching the game. A "risk" of 5 million euros is absolutely nothin...
6 of our players involved with the England squad at senior and U21 levels. Frankly, neither Rose nor Townsend should feature in that squad, but it will be good ...
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