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Would love to reply, hat, but am on a business trip with a poor connection. Not ideal for a proper deserving reply. I'll try to tonight. Don't get dishearte...
5 days ago
Further reports coming in that he's set to go to China for 10 million pounds.
1 week ago
Looks set to be moot point as he's been spotted in an airport in Madrid, apparently.
From Pakistan, eh? Cool. You're the first spurs supporter that I have met from Pakistan! Respect :) There are a few of us from across Asia, but as far as I'm aw...
Amp after getting laid...
Lol. No wonder I didn't get it. Never managed to dabble in Unix or Linux. Levy coefficient would need more computing power than we have in the 21st Century. M...
Your wish has come true. Did you find a lamp?
Looks like he's off to china, with a heavy pay raise. You look at stories like that and wonder where the justice in the world has gone.
Telegraph's gone down the clickbait route as well, Doc :( That said, apart from seeing something as a fixed report on our website/twitter feed, or on BBC... tru...
I remain unconvinced by his ability to be good in the EPL. The only good reason for us to sign him would be that he's a free signing. He's got a host of bad hab...
Haha. Did you write that? Brilliant. Is that PHP?
Http:// Brilliant Q&A with a Burnley fan/Journalist about ...
I still live in the past, playing FM :P
Bad Juju! You're bad, Amp. You want the bad juju to spread across the team :P Lol. I genuinely cannot wait to see the back of the guy. His excuses were just ho...
Https:// Take a look at some of Trippier's contributions last year. His crossing is ridiculously good. I think his stats sho...
Getting linked to Casillas and Weidenfeller. Just sounds like easy journalism really. Latest reports are that we'll sell Lloris for 18 million quid. Riiiiiiight...
"Thankfully, it sounds like it won’t be too long when he gets back so we’re hoping it won’t affect his build-up to next season."
Lol. Inter is not going to buy both Kondogbia (who recently signed for them) and Imbula in the same window bud. Imbula is headed elsewhere. Not sure where as ye...
Would much rather keep Lloris :(
Whoops. My bad. Typed that at 2 30 AM and wasn't thinking straight. lol. I don't know how bad the damage is. If it is a tear to the ligament, it can be very v...
2 weeks ago
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