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I do not understand how my argument for keeping team unity got twisted to keeping weak players. There is a reason teams like Leicester, Arsenal and us prospered...
1 month ago
While I really like your enthusiasm about Saul, this is absolutely a non starter. He is a local boy, and that's like someone wanting to get Kane. Either way, h...
Never mind the final position. Take a look at what we have achieved this season... something we never could before now. 1) We finish comfortably in the CL posi...
Lol. I still have issues with this website. I can't just come in every day and keep slagging it off. Does no one any good. There are times when I do feel like s...
We need a ST and a CM. Apart from that, I'm happy with the squad we have.
Not just Poch, but also three crucial coaches :) We have spent a lot of money on extending contracts of coaches, players and even the upcoming Wembley deals. I ...
We can't act like the jealous partner, suspecting every single time our partner goes to meet someone of the opposite sex. Poch came out to say there is a verbal...
Ahem this is you madd :D
2 months ago
That's how it is. eh? here's a tutorial for your noobishness! :P
My internal monologue Timeline: Jol getting sacked : Dang. We were playing some decent stuff. He just needed time. I guess the next boss will take us forward....
3 months ago
I think it is important to distinguish between Overhyped and Overrated. Kane is far more overhyped than Bale, and it is harming his game massively. He hasn't be...
8 months ago
I saw the final 45, and there were 10 minutes where I felt we were beyond poor. Alli especially was all over the place, and didn't link up well with Chadli at a...
I used to stream all my videos when I was in the UK. But that was back in 2008-2010, and I bet a lot's changed since then. A decent internet connection should b...
Hindsight is so easy for us fans. Guess that's why managers are paid like they are :P
9 months ago
Important to win against Monaco. Tough call with Dier. No easy answer. But I trust Carroll and Dier to do the job Maybe bentaleb will be ready as well
I'm eagerly looking forward to it. Keep reading that a lot of goals were offside.
A lot of fans are ignorant of other leagues. Cloudst was pretty disappointed when we got Njie (he supports lyon as well). Some really smart signings for us. I...
Can't wait to watch the replay. Exceptional result, vindicates pochs decision midweek. COYS!!!
Alli was for 5 million pounds :)
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