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Genuine kudos to everyone who finishes watching this game. You're a much better supporter of the team than I am.
2 weeks ago
I refuse to watch this team. This is not Tottenham Hotspur. We have played a long ball every single time we had possession. Every. Single. Time. Walker, Dier...
Said nothing about Soldado? Seriously? That genuinely made me laugh. I thought the same about you as well. I did expect you to play the victim despite the bait...
4 weeks ago
Our set piece defense is one of the worst in the league. We've conceded time and again in this, and most of the mistakes have come from defenders who fall aslee...
Lets be honest. None of us expected this season to involve a Cup final, or even be this close in the fight for 4th place for a considerable portion of the year....
Bas Dost. Before this season, he had 48 Games for Wolfsburg, and scored 17 goals. There's your "bargain" right there. When we bought in Soldado, he had 1 year a...
The fact that Nippro has even refused to acknowledge that Volley specialists exist in strikers who either volley or create for the team shows where this convers...
1 month ago
If a striker makes a mistake, the scoreline remains 0-0. If a defender makes a mistake, we go down 0-1. Sadly, we've been making blunders defensively since the ...
One final note, North. I am not hitting out at the entire team just to defend soldado. I've done the same in every game I've seen this season about the shortco...
Not once have I said Soldado was crap before we got him. Is it really that difficult to see that there are strikers in the world whos job is not to bang it out ...
We simply have difference of opinion on what a striker does. I respect yours, and I'll hold onto mine North :) I want to see team play, and we are ridiculously ...
I'll try and explain my thought process here. But even before I start, I'm still firmly in the pro-soldado camp. Yeah. A rapidly deteriorating camp, and I can s...
First time in forever I'm rage quitting a game. The defense and midfield have been a lot worse than Soldado's miss. 3 guesses what'll make headlines though.
Http:// Early, but whoever's making it... get your butts there :D HOping for an epic match today.
This team's much stronger. Last game saw Lamela on the left wing a lot of the game, giving Townsend time on the right. Townsend didn't have any effect, and Lame...
Isn't it 56k?
Come kickoff, it doesn't matter who was signed for what amount of money... the only thing that matters is what player is doing what on the pitch. We can't keep ...
Soldado was our best player. The goal conceded was partially his fault because of the place he conceded it in, but what the actual f**k were Walker and Paulinho...
I missed the last 5 minutes due to a power outage, but the rest of the game, I've seen with the rest of the lot on tinychat. Honestly, I'm shocked that no one...
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