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Cheers Paddy. Glad the injury wasn't as bad as feared. I share your excitement about him, but it does look like he's destined for a loan. Not getting picked f...
3 hours ago
Suraj, the harbinger of hope, joy and light (literally! :P)
1 day ago
36 hours! (not sure what to though :P)
Lennon's being moved, sadly. He's training with the U21s. Townsend is injured, will be out for a couple of weeks more.
I don't even understand rivalry. To give an example, I don't even get the India vs Pakistan Cricket rivalry ( and this was considering I was very close to joini...
****!!!!! Oduwa probably has a broken ankle in a 2-0 win against Stevenage. @(#$@&#(@#$)!!!
I'm not writing Dier off, and I genuinely feel he's our third best CB option. He will need time to get used to the cdm position, but it feels like such a waste...
3 days ago
I had to type it in bits due to power failures here. Lol. So I didn't put it all in at once. But Dier was not a good CDM, yeah. But he had major problems due to...
For those who missed the game: Formation 4-2-3-1 Wingback focus, cover. At any point, there are 3 Defenders at the back, while either RB or LB bombs up to pl...
Our Twitter account confirmed Vlad to Napoli
The highlights probably didn't do much justice to everything that happened. You're right, we're not ready for the start of the season. Players were stiff and ...
Haha. Kick up a skype account for today bud. Add me there
4 days ago
Lol. This site is deader than most realize. There's just no other way to keep in touch with you guys for me, and any alternatives.. I'm all ears. And LOL. Don...
Could do a skype group chat if everyone's got a skype account? (Read: Amp, you got skype? :P)
I've been battling trying to install Windows 10 for 15 hours straight. Sooooo damn fed up. Imma watch the game and sleep. Up for a Tinychat?
Chadli is exactly what he is. He was never intended to be a great signing. We needed someone younger and better stamina to replace Dempsey, to perform a few def...
Don't say it Suraj. Bad Juju is bound to happen!
I rate them both as well, although Kramer is pretty much a no go. If I remember right, he just got back from a loan after playing for Gladbach and signed a new ...
Spare a thought for Baldini. He messed up with the signings, but while Levy's being called a genius due to the departures... it genuinely looks like Levy's not ...
We're honestly lacking a little in one or two positions, but I understand the risks the team is working with. Players cannot be signed at the moment without oth...
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