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I forgot to add Onomah to the list. But then again, I doubt that'd make a difference for this discussion. If you include Ake into your discussion, who didn't st...
1 week ago
To each their own. Not everything can or should be about winning. There is a philosophy in place, and people get a genuine joy out of seeing that philosophy tak...
Congratulations to Kane :)
I don't particularly care about which business model is supported by which team... to each their own, but to answer the question of how many loaned out players ...
Glad to hear from you again! SS was on a lot earlier this year, but it's been just me a lot of the time recently. Hope you can make it back soon!
2 weeks ago
Hey bud! Sorry, I never really have been able to make it to the chat this year. I'm glad you're keeping the effort going! Will try sometime soon to join in :) H...
Firstly, wish everyone a happy new year :) Hope you all have had a good 2016 and will have a great 2017! Been a while, and it has been rather fun following the...
In the heyday of this website, we were welcomed to other forums with open arms. My closest friends here apart from this forum were mostly Arsenal fans. To this ...
He's eating chips
2 months ago
I miss you Mag! Come back and join us on the gameday chat again!
3 months ago
Yeah. The transfer window was rather messed up. People kept pointing to the TV money, but that comes into effect after this season is done, not before. A lot of...
4 months ago
Ignoring the price, his weaknesses are that he slows the game down with the ball at his feet. He picks the wrong pass, or under/overhits the ball quite often, a...
North, Soldado was a good player in the wrong system and wrong league. If Messi failed in the EPL, would that diminish his achievements any? Some players are ne...
I've never touched a drop of alcohol in my life. Now I need a drink. Or better yet, need to get wasted. An honest appraisal beyond me throwing a tantrum ab...
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Sissoko is official. How we blew 30 million on him is well and beyond my comprehension. I would have preferred Mason to this. And not...
Yeah. It sure does look like that. The shortage at CM and RM remain. That said, of all the rumours that are picking up.. I hope the Sissoko one is false. I just...
Looks like we'll have confirmation of N'Kodou tomorrow. He just posted "to dare is to do" on twitter. Don't see it meaning anything else other than him signing....
The squad as it stands after the departures of Mason and Chadli. GK: Lloris, Vorm RB: Walker, Trippier LB: Rose, Davies CB: Vert, Toby, Wimmer CDM : Dier, Wany...
Best of Luck to Mason. He might not be the most talented player we've had, but he always gave it everything. Also, Hull are saying that they broke their trans...
Eriksen's passing has been non existent in 2016. He gets away with it due to his penchant for some late goals and great FKs... a lot of us seem to be incredibly...
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