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Son looks to be drawing a lot of flack, part of which is understandable but part of which is really not called for. He's not a starter, but of the players who c...
1 day ago
Lol. I tend to play a 4-2-3-1 asynchronous... with Dier as an Anchor man, Dembele as a B2B, and Eriksen as a playmaker. Lamela and Son as inside forwards. worke...
The second half was a clusterf**k. lol. It was pretty much a development squad game, no one really had any clue what they were doing in midfield. It did start o...
We ought to be careful praising Edwards too much. He does tend to fall at the slightest touch, which is unsurprising because physically he needs a lot of streng...
For those not able to watch the game: We played really well at the start, for the first 25 minutes, we dominated the game totally, including hitting the bar a...
Loyalty, character etc don't really matter to us as consumers, we (at least, mostly) derive joy from: 1. The quality of football, the players' performances 2. ...
3 days ago
I'm not sure it cannot be compared to the corporate world though. It is a job, loyalty counts for almost nothing in football. If Real Madrid came calling for hi...
Can the same not be said about any club? Should I say that Barcelona must buy 5 players because they should fear Messi, Suarez and Neymar cannot keep up their p...
Thank you for the write up :) Helped a few of us who haven't been able to see the game get a better perspective of what happened.
The way money is being thrown around these past few weeks, maybe some club from China will buy him for 40 million and make him the fourth highest paid player in...
Oh, I had no idea about his 'bad mouthing', all I saw was memes trolling Spurs :P This can't exactly be compared to the corporate world, tho. Look at it from ...
4 days ago
Will be working through this.. would appreciate it if someone who watched it gave an input of the positives. I wouldn't be too harsh on the team.. first real pr...
Lol. Hi bud. I stand by my statement back then. Willian agreed personal terms, got paid by us for air travel, took a medical, and then hopped ship cause he go...
SiF: We have a good enough first team, which works really well together. The only real problem we have had is with quality in backups. We've had to play a few p...
Hey Magneto :D I recently saw the message you sent on PSN ages ago about how Willian was "a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge ego" and how you "dodged a bullet" by Chelsea getti...
5 days ago
Good things that happened recently: 1) Poch says that it isn't the right moment for joining Argentina and he's really happy here :D 2) Wimmer gets a new con...
Eriksen is more of a roamer, who can play LAM, CAM, LCM depending on the formation. Heck, Dembele started the season at RAM and had some stellar games. So, I do...
1 week ago
The kid did that in his first season at Marseille, which is pretty decent considering the struggles they've been having. I think he will make a good option in g...
He is somewhere between Kane and Soldado. You won't see him smash something from 30 yards, that is for sure. I expect he'll link up really well with Eriksen, La...
2 weeks ago
I completely forgot about Bentaleb, truth be told. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't really rate Bentaleb.. or rather, I don't think he's a good fit for o...
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