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Okay I apologize, I just am a very passionate fan
6 years ago
Im not trolling -_-
Puts the pressure on us :( But thats why were the LOS BLANCOS, we take on any challenge, even the team that has every advantage to its side (refs, perfect divin...
Did you guys hear what nasri said recently about arsenal? dont you think he'll say the same to you guys one day if man city doesnt win much and he goes to anoth...
Okay I know Il get a lot of hate for this but think rationally for a second. Sir Alex Ferguson has been at ONE club for pretty much all of the success in his ca...
Lol are you guys kidding? Sir alex ferguson is like messi, sticks to the same club to be successful but if you put messi or ferguson at another club, theyd be s...
What an awesome fan. HALA MADRID
^ man united fan :S
Madrid doesnt blame refs like chelsea and barcelona we have a media blackout because the refs ARE against madrid always supporting barca
Cisses goal wasnt THAT great guys, it looked like a fluke to be honest it was a nice chip but I dont think it should be goal of the week. Ronaldos goal or kakas...
Lol I see chelsea is starting to pay up to the refs to get help now. First wigan, now fulham....biggest cheats in football next to barcelona and man united
No but madrid spent money over a course of 3 years and has a rich history. Man Shitty on the other hand just bought all these players over the last season. Pure...
Haters be hating on the truth
Real Madrid will win la liga. The cheating divers wont prosper because the team with heart and soul will win
I wonder how the game between chelsea and barca will go Both pay the refs to win, somebody is gonna get cheated out, most likely chelsea because barca are bette...
Yea but madrid has history Ronaldo and kaka was it we did it over a period of time, man shitty on the other hand just bought a whole group of players over a sea...
Messi is so overrated. Ronaldo wouldve scored like 5 goals with the amount of chances messi had.
Lol about 10 years ago, chelsea was s**t, nobody supported them, now after all the wins and money, chelsea has a fan base, and youre talking about glory hunters...
Madrid will win La Liga guys stop doubting!!!
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