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No s**t sherlock
2 years ago
Nah, özil is still number one I think, I suppose he was still resting after tuesday's game against Lyon
3 years ago
Wow, you must have looked at the score! Ö Raul sucked, Kaka touched the ball like 5 times ?
Injured, as usual
4 years ago
I wonder why Milan is getting all these great-votes and madrid all these rubbish-votes?? While Milan was certainly NOT better than Madrid?? I mean did you wa...
United wasn't any better! with Ronaldo; they lost 9% of all games without Ronaldo; they lost 27% of all games !! I don't think Real Madrid is the problem...
Sevilla only plays good when the crowd is behing them, I hate teams like that. Did you see Navas' reaction when he scored? I just want to s**t on his face.
I hate Schotish football..
A very good belgian defender
Wriiiight, Zidane,Ronaldo,Figo didn't win the champions league in 2002! Oh, wait, they did. --> conclusion: they did buy a championship team
It was 5-0
Let's hope they can get a win tonight against FC ZÜRICH
Platini in love with real madrid? s**t man are you stupid
Those are great words coming from you, man, thanks.
Que pasa madridista? Te gusta tener rivales o es que te he offendido con mis commentarios?
How funny are you
Yeah, loose ^o) ps messi takes growing hormones
Hala madrid
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