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Zlatan doesnt need medical lol.
1 day ago
Guys, if we had the choice to get one player from Pogba and Kante. Who would u choose? Kante for me ALL DAY LONG.
6 days ago
Id be EXTREMELY surprised if we touched Kroos.. I think he is untouchable (just like Slim said above). James may leave... but why should he really? Pogba?.. Nah...
I still stand by my words before the EUROs... Portugal,England and Croatia will get to the semis (provided they dont meet before then).
2 weeks ago
I still struggle to believe Bale actually said that. How can he say No England player is good enough for Wales? just silly really lol
Was in Athens. Now living in London.
3 weeks ago
Hey!!! I havent checked my wall for a long long time. How have you been??? Yessss im in London now. Living in Camden. Hope you are good my friend... its really ...
Well, Greece is my adopted home. Lived there for over 20yrs. Feels more like home to me than anywhere else in the world. Finally moved back to London 2years ago...
Portugal DESTROYED Estonia...7-0. Ronaldo got two and was substituted after 45mins. Quaresma ran the show though with two glorious strike and a couple of assist...
I really love Mhkitaryan. I think he will set the premiership alight.
Yeah,... i read that as well and was really impressed.
@ Franky4fingers... Its cool. Things like these dont bother me cos unfortunately some guys on FT tend to act like jerks sometimes. I love the game toooooo much ...
1 month ago
Well said BluFFmaster
@ Hikmat I thought he got a knock or something. Surely he didnt remove him for tactical reason... or did he? We lost the midfield as soon as Kroos was substitut...
Thanks big boy @ SIMPLYGODS. You are a class act.
And thanks @ Franky4fingers... i cant even understand why Umairrockx refered to me as "a bitch".. that was so uncalled for, but honestly i aint even bothered. T...
For starters SIMPLYGODS...Im no chap (incase you need glasses or something). You are a clown...i give you that LOL
Yeah Real Madrid were s**t. They didnt deserve to get to the final, yet alone win it. They were complete garbage. Somehow they won the Champions League .... An...
FANTASTIC effort from the guys... Atletico gave us hell. Ramos was was Casemiro. What a game...What a game.
2-0 Real... For some strange reasons i aint too worried about the game. UCL number 11 on its way.
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