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Just leave Pedmar... he is in his own world. LOL
1 week ago
Ramos aint going NOWHERE!!
1 month ago
We will be in the hunt again for all trophys next season... I clearly remember Barca won NOTHING as well last term 2013/14... its all part of the game. Madrid w...
Madrid have been trying to get rid of Varane?? what are u talking about? Varane is EASILY in the top 5 of the world's best CB, and he is still very young. VARAN...
Pedmar, i must ask.... how old are you? some of the things you write are BAFFLING.
2 months ago
Beats me how people on here talked so EXPERTLY on things they read on papers. I dont get all the hate on Iker.. would we have won ANYTHING this season if he was...
On a happier note, what our football team couldnt do, our basketball team did. CONGRATULATIONS to Real Madrid basketball team, crowned European champions after ...
CONGRATS guys... cant deny you guys have been truly OUTSTANDING the past few weeks... and definitely deserve this. I hate to say this, but i TRULY TRULY BELIEVE...
Give it a rest Pedmar....
Tomorrow we gonna hear people say he's too selfish... he needs to play on the right for the team... he needs to track back more.. he needs this, he needs that, ...
OMG navas.... if that was Iker, the whole world would have buried him alive haha
How "competitive" was the world cup back then when the likes of Uruguay won it twice... as COMPARED TO NOW? Its simple logic... things will improve.Competition...
Baring a miraculous 2nd half.. la liga pursuit is OVER!!
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal. how many touches before that goal??
Our game tomorrow against Juventus has a (1-1) scoreline written all over it. Im almost certain.
Oh my... now thats one record that would be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to beat.
3 months ago
This is the crunch game... Anything but a victory WONT be good enough. This is make or break for our La Liga season. WE MUST keep the gap btw Barca and us to ju...
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Long time no see, I hope you've settled down fine in England! Drop me a message if you're available!
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