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MadridUnited is now friends with WhiteII
2 days ago
Oh my... White for PRESIDENT lol
4 days ago
Thank you Cjayzz.... at least i know i wasnt DRUNK when i read Pedmar's comments haha.
5 days ago
Nah!!!!... we should have benched Bale or better still sold him like Pedmar suggested after he didnt pass two balls to his team mates a couple of weeks ago... M...
6 days ago
Thank you for clearing that one out for us all However, id rather we play an average game and win 6-0 haha
RealFan... didnt even see your post.. BUT i read in a london sports paper that he will be earning 80k a week. Dont know how true that is... but definitely read ...
1 week ago
--we lost to AC Milan (friendly game)... --we lost to Valencia (away)... a team that right now can beat ANY la liga team. --we lost to AT Madrid (away),... w...
@ St1or... who said ANYTHING about United? How on earth did United get into the convo?? LOL I simply asked: Any Barca defender better than Ramos?? How in God's...
2 weeks ago
So Pedmar wants Ancelotti out?? NOW i have heard/seen it all LOL
Isco is MAGIC...
@ St1or... any Barca defender better than Ramos right now??
Couldnt agree more Slim... @Pedmar... kick Ramos and Pepe out.. then replace them with Nacho and Varane, right??? That way we wouldnt conceed anymore. OH DEAR...
Damn!! Thiery Henry looked "DISAPPOINTED" announcing Ronaldo's name lol.
Pedmar, for some strange reasons u always seem to think you are MORE of a Madrid fan than most cos of the UNNECESSARY negative things you throw about. Not EVERY...
Enjoy the win... bitch less my friend. LOL
3 weeks ago
Any good links guys? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.
No bad feeling about this one today lol lol... I expect a very ROUTINE victory for us... 3-0, 3-1 or 4-1.
SMH... i knew it... Had a bad feeling about this game
Just have a bad feeling about this one... I pray to God am wrong..
Oh my!!! I honestly cant say am happy with this squad...
Hello guys.... compliments of the season... We face Milan today in Dubai... IF we DON'T win, does that halt our WINNING RUN?..or is friendly games EXCLUDED?
1 month ago
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9 months ago
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