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LUCKY LUCKY Barca... How on earth did they get a point from this game? SMH. Cant believe how one sided the game was.
1 week ago
3points. Bale got injured (ankle)... doubtful for El Classico. Strange night indeed.
2 weeks ago
UTTER DOMINANCE! Nothing more to say.
I watched the game... i watched ALL of it. Yess Malaga players wasted time (as expected)... The goal?? are u serious? that was offside any day of the week. Im ...
Barca 0-0 Malaga.... Referee tried so so hard for Barca to score towards the end (4mins extra time shown and yet the game went on for almost 97mins hahahaha). ...
So Kroos is injured for 6weeks and SUDDENLY our season is over?? Oh come on guys..... Not even close. He will be missed... but saying our season is over cos of ...
4 weeks ago
Barcelona getting murdered hahahaha. Celta 3-0 Barcelona after only 35mins. And i thought Madrid was shiiiit today LMAO
2 months ago
Kovacic for James**
I cant believe we dropped 2points against Stoke. Could easily have won by 4-5goals. This is just ridiculous. Shame Shame Shame!! :( :( :(
Navas gifts Dortmund the first goal :( :(
We play Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday... Isco and James would probably play a bigger part in that one. What happened to Pepe? Benched?!
De Gea...Valencia...Smalling..Bailly..Blind...Pogba..Herrera...Rashford.. Mata.. Lingard..Zlatan. subs: Romero..Fosu-Mensah...Rojo..Carrick...Fellani...Young.....
Rooney DROPPED. Lets see what dfference it would truly make.
I still love Ramos regardless. LOL.
Boateng? Now thats a funny name to the list. haha
U called it... 3rd one: Suarez to Neymar what A TRIO.
This is A JOKE. Barca did that yesterday... and we are doing this tonight? DEAR LORD!!!!
Awwwww... No Silva? My fav City player :(
I know people say Celtic are weak compared to the big teams in Europe... BUT WOW...JUST WOW. Neymar... Messi... Just wow!!
True Pejvl lol. In all honesty he is a great player.. just gets his crazy moments once in a while... I still think he deserves to be a starter for us though.., ...
3 months ago
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