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Liverpool, and everything about it...
Stupid fans be it from my team or rivals'...
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For one thing.. people worry a lot about the pie chart on thier profiles here that shows whether they're more rude or cool... THey try ever so hard to be polite to get that stat up to maxing out in Green....

Relax... it's not a ratio of how cool or hot headed you are.. it's just a stat of how many stupid people you've come across in your life so far... ;)
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5 months ago
6 months ago
Lol... @ScouserDan, Ofcourse he HAD to create a new account and Ofcourse he HAD to 'claim' to be a Southampton fan... What after the Man City embarassment? :D ...
The way this Arsenal fan talks, you'd think they were challenging for the title these last few years and not marginally scrapping into the champions league spot...
Lol @ Downing remark :D :D
Who the heck is Paseley or Shakely???? Would love to meet them sometime! :P Oh You mean Paisely and Shankly? Lol
7 months ago
He was selfish at Chelsea... Not at Liverpool... At Chelsea, his position was under constant threat and he HAD to be selfish to prove his worth... At Liverpool ...
The game got sooo flat and boring after the first 15 mins... English football's over all quality has gone down a lot recently...
Is it just me, or did Rooney avoid passing to van persie at crucial junctions either choosing to shoot himself or to pass someone else the ball, instead of givi...
9 months ago
10 months ago
11 months ago
12 months ago
Gerrard's goal was awesome... But Sturridge was MOTM... Brilliant hold up play
1 year ago
Was hoping for Spurs loss, but boy were they wasteful infront of the goal?!
He played brilliantly in all honesty.. his lnk up play was very good... But it was his finishing that let him down... Should've kept the shot on target...
Played like crap... Deserved to lose... Can't complain with score line... Vidic was NOT offside and the goal is his' not Evra...
Lol.... oh torres... how the mighy have fallen...
Mmm, i think they've done that already... in almost all the trophies except the club world cup so far... :)
Sooo many Man Utd fans popping to rubbish Suarez... You'd ALMOST think Manchester United never cheat... ALMOST..
Manchester United never cheat...
His hand could have DIED... It was lucky his hand is still alive.. -The hypocritical one..
Yeah... Its only justified when u need to beat better teams...
To all you wankers, its not RedMen TV's fault his videos are posted here... They just put up their vlogs on youtube... Its the Footytube search engine that pins...
To all you wankers, its not RedMen TV's fault his videos are posted here... They just put up their vlogs on youtube... Its the Footytube search engine that pins...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The same wenger said if he didn't extend contract by Dec 25th he'll be sold and walcott hasn't has he??? Wenger's words about his players NOT leaving is just ...
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