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Well, Steven McManaman played in Spain and did pretty damn well.
5 years ago
@Dannymorales21 Dude, under which rock you were living for the last 2 years? Ramos playes superb as a central back...
In all honesty, Napoli is amazing. Very interesting team to watch. A lot of team spirit and pure determination.
6 years ago
Doubt its Maur's tactic lol. Pepe is just an azzhole lol
Chelsea just doesn't looks like a team right now. I think they should stop buying players and start building their team. AVB can do it but he faces a lot of di...
Yep mate, not the biggest fan of Ronaldo, but come on, he's very good at penalties. Don't fix it if it's not broken. Think, what would it give them if they ch...
Are you 13 years old? Cassilas had one bad game and he should be putted on the bench? He's still superior to both of them.
Germans were very good in this game, but it wasn't the Dutch best team either. No point in saying who were they missing and such. They missed few very good pl...
Manita, use your head, look from the simple math point of view... 70-80% possession....30-20% left to score, plus you need to get past Barca's great defense. ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
No, i literally mean that i cannot watch them for technical reasons lol.
Ok, is it only me, but only English goals are in very very bad quality or corrupted in some way. Other teams goals seem to be fine.
Damn guys, good win for England, but they have to work a lot. Not to make a big thing out of it, but Spain didn't had the motivation. I didn't watched the game...
I see so many comments about La Liga not being fun to watch. Well, i don't think it's so bad, just Real and Barca are so strong. Not much we can do about in g...
I think only 35% of money goes to Real and Barca. Still alot and unfair by all means, but 80% is sort of exaggeration? I think Real got to semi finals like 7 m...
And what he said? It's not top 2, but Spanish teams are doing good in CL and UEFA cup as well. Facts are simple, in the last 3 years Spanish teams were as good...
Well, Argentina is a case apart, not even Messi shines there, and we all know what he can do. Ozil on the other hand is a world class player. He will be huge i...
No it's not, i noticed it while checking Nothing wrong with it i can assume? Or should i ask your permission?
Most amazing thing that i just noticed is that 13 teams in La Liga are negative in scored/received goals. Damn, it's like a curse for any team to play against...
Lol, i thought the same. Real and Barca are really class apart in la liga this year.
Mate, it seems like some Barca fans really getting a phobia about being best in all and having best players on all positions. Barca was the strongest team for ...
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