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MadGnu2 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
He is capable of building strong sides, but he has no "plan-B." Tactically, AVB is very weak.
Chelski fans have long been known to be band-wagoners. Where were all of them before abramo's billions?
Italians paid him off
Did you see ibra's goal yesterday? yeah right the refs are in barca's pocket.
5 years ago
Don't get me wrong, Spurs have been amazing... but Inter is a shadow of their former selves. They should be favorites to win Sunday, but my LFC should give them...
To be honest, im pretty sure he was banging in the goals at arsenal anyway.. just has a better team around him at united.
Not really a respectful way to assert your "opinion." at least explain why you think what you think
Lol chelsea fans are s**t
To be fair, it seems Reina should've done better with both of YB's goals.
If i were one of wayne's teammates and i saw this i would take the utter piss out of him
That's what happens when you file a transfer request right before the deadline closes. Yeah, your idiot owner paid quite a sum for him, but still- you don't jus...
Speaking of crap teams, one bad tackle on van persie during the euros would mean death for arsenal. or if he gets sold.. either way, i wouldn't want to be an ar...
Suarez and Lucas are worth double the contribution of that sad lot, you silly manc. get out of here
6 years ago
Suarez + Lucas is worth double the contribution of that sad lot you silly manc, get out of here
He's a brilliant manager, I love the style that city plays... but he's a pretty pathetic sore loser, Mourinho-esque
Unlucky to give away the pen from Richards- but his hands were up and the ball was still travelling to the goal. to not give a penalty there would have been ver...
It seems like the Spain U21 side has an element of directness that previous Spanish teams have lacked. Make no mistake, there is still the familiar tiki-taka wh...
I think he sounds cool, bro. stop haytin'
"worth" is a totally impossible term to define when it comes to modern football finance. if one crazy lune of a chairman comes in and offers you 50m GBP for a g...
Got agree with almalik here, wigan do play some decent pattern football. too bad they dont have the final 3rd figured out =/
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