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Macchonk thought the Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona match was awesome
3 years ago
Macchonk thought the Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona match was awesome
4 years ago
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As soon as Mourinho in... Chelsea turns violent.. cant wait whose legs is gonna be shattered on EPL, knowing how dirty mourinho is...
I'm sorry, i guess i didnt see what you saw.. sachez played like shitt.. i'd rather he didnt score any goals and play a consistent game... his dribbles were ter...
Tiki taka only works when u have amazing individual player... they dont have messi.. so their tika taka is bullshit..
5 years ago
@ Ronaldinho Its better not to understand something completely than only understand half of what people are saying... not putting you down but your lack of unde...
Are you serious... that's how full of s**t you are.. go back and look back at bayern's line up... the only reason they lost was coz klinsman.. as the manager......
The mighty didn't fall.. the mighty was destroyed from the inside.. barca could win all their matches in la liga for all i care.. but within the first 5 matches...
The king isn't dead.. the king is still there but the advisor is mediocre... i would love to see this Bayern playing barcelona under Pep's leadership... don't f...
Once again proven that it isn't "Messi is only good coz he is on Barcelona" but " Barcelona is only good coz Messi is playing for them".. The management is the ...
He's referring to the fact that C. Ronaldo is always getting 1, while the competitor have 4... hence levanqeweweki got 4 goals and C. ROnaldo has 1.. just like ...
And milan since kaka's and shevchenko's left is nothing... winning against milan right now is no different than winning another taem on la liga
I didn't know shitt about barcleona or maybe you are just blind you idiot... where is the famous tiki taka of barcelona.. NONE.. tito took it away.. the reason ...
Tiki taka is the reason why i love barcelona.. used to be milan's fan.. but fell in love seeing tiki taka played by barcelona... it's like seeing a boxing match...
Say that to barcelona w under Pep Guardiola... this barca under Tito Villanova is BROKEN... their possesion is just aimless and wasteful...The first match barce...
GET TITO VILLANOVA OUT OF THE f*****g TEAM.. That guy is useless.. what the f**k is his used for if he didn't learn a fuckingg s**t from pep guardiola.. the onl...
If anybody other than Messi or C. Ronaldo deserve the balloon d'oro this year, it's definitely Petr Cech... Coz I know for a fact, NOBODY even close to Messi's ...
6 years ago
Wow No Joke... in 2 different occasion in a really important match, the top 2 strikers in the world both missed a PK... wtf is going on.... voodoo
I was rooting for barcelona after Milan, Now I'm rooting for Chelsea... GO chelsea... win the CL
@Zinny How did the ref helped barca again in this game? Terry was being an IDIOT, and drogba did tackle him in the PK box? Your team sucks don't hate on other t...
Man of the match is... Petr Cech for me... I still think this barcelona is the best team we have right now... as much as I believe that Chelsea has nothing on t...
@ Krorodilizm ROFLMAO the passing game is over... dumb ass... Maybe you shouldn't fall asleep while watching it... they were dominating your league's best team....
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