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4 years ago
Doesnt really matter... you cant go into a challenge like that. I cant believe anyone could actually dispute that that was a red...
Haha and that comparison of Valdes' save to Han Solo in cryogenic freeze :D
And the tackle on shelvey was one... but whatever, we won ;)
To be honest, the Germans call a lot of their players Messi or Ronaldinho. Like Özil or Götze or Kroos. They are delirious like that
Yeah cant believe that miss by shelvey either... but as always Liverpool need a striker who can finish and is always in the box. as always nothing more to it...
Yet again a game destroyed by just unimaginary bad refereeing. "I think so" lol nice work ref. Also feel for Chelsea who were also robbed, just like Liverpool i...
As a long time Brazil fan, I love this young talented Brazilian team. I think if they keep improving and get more experience they will be a force in the WC2014...
SuperSpurs seems to be new to sarcasm :D
Well, the ref really wasnt on top of his game... should have given at least one penalty to Manure and a red card for spurs. Manu should hand in a complain to th...
Not even a yellow, f*****g joke!
Word! cant believe this, just f*****g nonsense srsly. How was that not a red card.
Haha so true
There are like 3 professional players in the Luxembourgish team :P
Bad performance by Portugal really. Luxembourg is a Amateur Team after all ;) plus there were probably more Portugese Fans than Luxembourgish haha. awesome Goa...
Thanks for calling us stupid... oh the ignorance on the internet!
So much rage. I'm sorry, but the German press/commentators during the Euro was anything but modest! They stated they would show Spain how to play football, they...
Yup belgium have quite a strong team, or will once the young players have more experience!
Dude are you new to sarcasm? That's what the Germans say all the time but proceed to fail.
Why are you talking about the English now? :D nobody said they were good! It's the arrogance of the Germans thats so bothering. They thought they were the great...
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