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Aren't you part of "we"? When you say "we" you refer to yourself and some other people. And aren't you part of all non-Barca fans? Or did you suddenly become a ...
15 hours ago
We've also been poor against other teams than Atleti and Real you know...
17 hours ago
For someone who ''doesn't care'' you seem to care a lot.
19 hours ago
I was looking at Messi's beautiful hands. He should quit football and become a hand model.
Why is Messi touching Ronaldo's balls?!?
21 hours ago
Did someone really doubt Bale's ability to fit in at Real? To me it always looked like a match made in heaven. Or in hell, since I'm a Barca fan :/
22 hours ago
We usually need the plan B when the other team sits deep, so there's no space for counter attack.
Lol Ekoj. It looks like you've created an account just to complain about Barca.
1 day ago
I would prefer Bale on the bench. Or at Tottenham lol
Not yet what we've expected. But it's been difficult for them to form a deadly duo: First Neymar was still adjusting to the team, then Messi got injured, and wh...
All argentine coaches horrible? Yeah Diego Simeone is so crap...
Congrats guys! Well deserved. Thank you for feeling sorry for us and scoring "only" two goals.
All these crosses... Seems like Tata tries to copy Moyes. They probably play FIFA 14 together :/
Thanks! And happy birthday Titi! Lets hope Barca gives us a great birthday gift today! :)
2 days ago
Maaza updated his profile
4 days ago
Hmmm... Maybe. So... What was Tanmay doing in Messi's bedroom?!?
I didn't see Messi biting anyone yesterday :P
Zizozil, if you haven't noticed, when someone talks about some team on footytube, the fans of that team often take part in conversation. And since you guys can'...
Thanks to Tata we've also scored from counter attacks this season, which has helped us. But I'm worried about his inability to change games when we're playing p...
Why is this forum obsessed with Xavi?
5 days ago
2 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
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