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Now that Munir has struggled and Neymar has been scoring goals all the time, Mt1234 has disappeared from this site. Coincidence?
1 day ago
I know right. In that situation Alves would have crossed the ball thinking we have a 3 metre tall striker to head it in. Montoya is better at spotting team mat...
2 days ago
Has Pedro scored a header before? :D
Montoya starting? This can only mean that Alves and Douglas.... and Ter Stegen, Pique, Rakitic, Busquets, Xavi, Suarez, Messi, Neymar, Bravo, Alba, Vermaelen,...
Messi was like one metre behind Neymar when Neymar took the shot. There's no way Messi thought he was offside. He just saw that the ball bounced directly toward...
6 days ago
^wouldn't exactly call that "consecutive"
1 week ago
Aren't Barcelona's ultras already banned from the stadium? As mentioned above, this is police matter because it happened outside the stadium. What exactly do yo...
Yeah it seemed a bit far fetched that EA would actually spend their time on catching coin buyers :D I've lost my passion for ultimate team too (for a while at...
I don't know any coin selling sites but I've heard that EA wants to ban everyone who buys coins. So maybe it's not a good idea. Although I'm not sure what are t...
A real pro just uses copy and paste to do all the fancy letters
Yeah... But he will always be remembered as "the 5-0 guy" :)
Well i mostly meant that when we did try to attack quickly we messed up those attacks with poor touches/passes/decisions. But i agree, the way we slowed down t...
Anyone else a bit disappointed that we scored "only" 3 goals ;) ? We had so much space for the counter attacks after our third goal!
Mr Pig Head doing the draw again?? I can already see us getting City or Juve and RM will play against Schalke lol
And Mathieu :/
Bartra just saved Pique and Mathieu's asses
Doesn't look that compact to me. PSG have way too much space on the wings.
I'm disappointed. We've played 135 minutes against PSG this season and I haven't yet seen David Luiz trademark comedy defending :(
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